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No response to creatine

I tried creatine a while back and I got nothing from it. No fuller muscles, no increased endurance, no increase weight. I tried taking double the recommended dose, but all it did was make me piss twice as much. Could Ribose-C give me different results from regular creatine?

If you’re really a non-responder to creatine (about 20 to 30% of people are) then Ribose-C probably won’t do anything for you either. You’ll notice the added benefit of the ribose, but probably not the creatine.

Some people who claim that creatine doesn’t work for them or that can’t tolerate it, do say that Ribose-C works. There’s always the money back guarantee if you want to give it a shot.

Most people make simple mistakes when it comes to powdered creatine. 1) They don’t mix it with enough water. 2)They don’t use a warm liquid. 3) They don’t stir long enough. I’ll bet many “non-responders” would respond if they followed these direction. Ribose-C, because of the delivery system, solves the above probs. I mix up Ribose-C, Power Drive and caffeine and drink it before my workouts, especially the dreaded leg days. Makes a big difference for me.

The first time I used Creatine it worked wonders. Subsequent cycles over the past couple of years have not been effective at all. As Chris mentioned, some people do not respond to it.

Give the Ribose-C a shot. I too was a non responder to regular creatine. The Ribose-C was a true eye-opener. Results just as discussed. With the guarantee, there is nothing to lose. Good luck! Glimm

Often times, non-responders to creatine are often simply creatine loaded before they ever try taking it. This can happen a couple of ways…1) They eat lots of meat and have become loaded over time ; 2) They loaded a while back and continued to eat quite a bit of meat and are still maintaining the load ; 3) Have high levels of IM creatine already (naturally)…There are some guys that creatine doesnt work for cause their muscles simply dont want to increase creatine so it’s dumped out. One way that truly works is to take it with carbs to get a big insulin response. So try ribose C with an additional carb/protein meal to get a bigger insulin response and see if it doesnt work. One thing I often have my clients do is use ribose c 2X per day and then supplement that with an additional 10g of powdered creatine throughout the day for the first week to see if you can truly load up.

Those are some interesting points, John. I found that when I was taking creatine, I suddenly felt somewhat “stopped up” and I had zero desire to eat any meat. Only meals I could tolerate were almost vegetarian. Chris, would this be a contraindication of the common pitfalls you pointed out, that I did not use warm liquid, did not stir long enough, etc? The creatine must be in my system, that is why I suddenly felt an aversion to meat, right?

Im not sure if your theory has any validity…I dont think the body “knows” when it has enuf creatine then shuts down the desire for meat. I think chris’ pitfalls are valid but assuming you didnt fall victim to any of them, then the only answer I have is that you were already loaded or your muscles, and for whatever reason, just didnt want the extra creatine…Here is another thought (actually a scary one). I know first hand that some creatine on the market in certain stores is actually creatinine (a harmless but useless creatine degradation product). Im not mentioning the stores or the companies (yes, plural) on this site for legal reasons, but suffice it to say, you might have gotten a bottle of non-creatine creatine! So dont sell creatine short yet…

My advice:

  1. Try taking creatine for 2 weeks in this manner…2 tbsp ribose c 2times per day…another 2 times, take 1 teaspoon of creatine (from a more reputable company) dissolved in warm herbal tea with a meal of protein and carbs. If you still get nothing, then you are a true non-responder and you are either loaded or creatine doesnt work for you.

Thanks, John. I’ll give it a try.