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No response? So this is perfect?

Okay, I’m planning on starting a cycle next week for 8 weeks. I’m 26, 6’2" and 220 at
about 12-13% and training for 5 good years having started at 147lbs. Have done a few
cycles of mostly test/dbol at 500/30-40mgs. Here’s what I plan to do: a gram of test
enanthate on day 1 and then 500 every 5 days after that till 8 weeks. The finaplex i can
get has 33mg/cc so im thinking 1.5cc 3x/week for 8 weeks. Also dbol at 10mgs
5x/day. Will be eating 300+gms of protein, 500gms carbs 85gms fat for a total of
about 4000 cals for 4 weeks and then keto for 2 and repeat. What are your thoughts
on such a constructed cycle?

i think you are going to get FUCKING HUGE.