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No Recovery a Year After Tren Cycle

Hello everyone…first post here… I ran a very heavy cycle (my first and last) with crazy high doses … 750mg of test e 300 tren e 50/day winstrol, 100mg proviron…for 12 weeks last may…I used hcg after the fourth week until the end of the cycle and did a proper pct clomid 50/50/50/50/50/25 nolva 40/40/40/20/20/10 and they were definitely legit…I did blood works 4-5 months after that pct and my total t was 600, lh 3.5 and fsh 3.4 so i am not shutdown according to the labs…I do have low libido and weak erections but the most important problem is that when i ejaculate almost nothing comes out…and if it comes after a long abstence it is 2 drops of clear watery semen…I also had high prolactin which i am treating with caber for the past 2 months …so it cant be prolactin issue…also my e2 were very low due to overuse of arimidex…which i stopped 2 months ago but i dont think e2 are so important for sperm… may be the reason for weak erections…for the no semen problem…the only thing i could think is that before my cycle shbg was 20 and now it is 38 but still in range…could that be the cause?? Any help guys will be very appreciated…

What are your recent prolactin numbers? If you crushed your estrogen it can take a year - yes - a year to recover and it is a vital part of semen production. You could also be driving your prolactin way too low.

after the pct i did two blood works…in the first one everything was normal except a little high prolactin 21 and estrogen mid high 50 if i am not mistaken…and at that time i still had the watery semen… which started right after entering pct…so as stupid as i was i thought that all my problems were due to high e2 which was not that high in the first place…and i started arimidex and stopped caber…i took arimidex for 1 month…and then 2 weeks after i stopped it i did second blood test…and my e2 went from 50 to 1.25 and since i stopped caber my prolactin raised to 50 (so the problem persists whether prolactin is high or low)…but still total t in the 600 range lh on the low side but not extreme 2.5, fsh normal.3.54.so i am very confused…i did a small clomid cycle to increase both total t and e2 and it helped with the ejaculatory volume a lot…but since i stopped using it last week…everything went back…weak erections and only a a little clear semen when ejaculate…Could i have damaged my hpta permanently so much that even a second pct doesnt work.?

I would imagine it’s dopamine being low. Tren smashes it.

that makes sence. about dopamine.i ve also seen improvment in libido and erection quality when trying nofap (which affects dopamine)…but what does dopamine have to do with semen quantity and volume…that is my main concern after all…and if i dont do something will things eventually become normal again…or the more i have the problem and dont do something about it it the more chances it will become permanent…i havent really understand how steroids and htpa work in that matter

Semen quality and amount is more related to estrogen than testosterone. Crashing estrogen dramatically reduces semen and ejaculate volume. You will recover it will just take time.

oh ok didnt know that…although the watery semen problem started during pct and i also did blood work after that and e2 was 50 (high) and still had watery and low amount semen…The only think my doc didnt test is free T which could affect it…Another thing that i was thinking that could be the prob;em is that my testosterone receptors are desensitized from the high doses i used during the cycle…cause my total t is higher now than it was before i ever took aas…and lastly if the problem is not with testosterone…could i go on another cycle (only test cyp 500mg/week 12 weeks) and just not use an AI or should i wait for semen to recover first??

i dont get why guys like to use steroid when 1 year after their cycle they can even get hard and jerk off

well theres always cialis…and if its not testosterone related then whats the difference?? i might even raise my e2 to normal levels via coversion from the high test…who knows…thats why i ask here…for example i didnt know that low e2 could affect sperm until today…I thought it was only affected by test, LH, FSH, prolactin…

hello everyone… just an update to help anyone in a similar situation…

It was the low e2 that caused all the problems (low libido, weak erections etc)…and my paranoia that i had high e2 so i took arimidex even after pct…Also something i noticed is that when i took arimidex off cycle and crushed my e2 it took 3 months + another round of clomid to increase it to normal levels…i did the bloodwork that showed e2 crushed 2 months after stopping arimidex. Anyway thanks for the help

Is the problem fixed now? give us an update.

Yeah the erections were fixed but semen volume is the same…i think the semen problem is prostate related…