No PWO Shake!!!

At the risk of getting flamed to beat hell I want to lay a habit out tere that I realized I employ during bulking times like I am currenlt in.

Thats right. I find that when I am bulking I do not comsume a PWO shake!!! HOLY HELL. What are you doing.

Hear me out and then I would appreciate opinions on this habit.

During bulks I actually find that I mix a large PWO (surge) drink that I consume all during my lifting. Usually finishing it 10-15 mins befor the session is over. From here I move straight to a solid meal consisting of many many wonderfull starchy carbs and high Protein.

This means that from the point of me finishing the double serving of surge and my PWO meal I have between 30 - 45 minutes.

I just noticed the other day I do this and it seems to work great for me. I just wanted to get some opinions on such a habit and see if anyone else employs such a method. It seems to let me better pack in the much needed calorie intake during these times as well as still having the benfit of a PWO shake only that it is taken in costantly during the w/o.


There’s a logic there - not certain though I agree completely … yet

I do the same. Too many people overrely on supplements PWO. Drink a home blend or surge or gatorade mixed with protein before/during your workout, then come home and eat. Make this your biggest meal of the day. Eat plenty of carbs&protein. Oats, fruit, honey, cottage cheese w/ whey, grow!, chicken, eggs, tuna, etc. This makes even more sense while cutting as a nice big meal satiates far better than more liquid calories.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but what your doing is pretty close to what is recommended for PWO. Most people drink 1/2 during, 1/2 immediately after, then have a solid food meal 1/2 to 1 hour later. At least, that?s what they recommend here at t-mag!

You’re all good Philll. A drink during a workout is pretty much the same as one after, and the solid meal soon after will make it like one continuous nutrient infusion. It even works for hippies. :slight_smile:


Good lord, I looked at this and thought someone was posting as me. Then noticed it is a bump from a year ago.

WOW thank for the memories all and the input. Still doing much the same here as I stated and liking it.

Thanks for the input all, a year later,

Oh only change now is that I take half my Surge about 1/2 hr prior to w/o. Finish other half during thern after I eat.

So just a little earlier on the Surge. Give Nice energy during the w/o.

Big change in a year huh,

Hmmm… I actually consume two full Surge servings over the course of the workout.

I mix one with Power Drive in it, and one with creatine in it.

I drink half of the Power Drive one right before I start working out. I drink the creatine one (more water in that one) during my workout. I always finish it by the time I’m done. After the workout, I finish off the other half of the Power Drive drink.

Then yes, I try to get a good meal of complex carbs and protein 45 minutes to an hour later.

michaelv, I’m curious why you have 2 servings of Surge during your workout. Surge is a good product, but you will see no difference taking 1 serving during your WO and then eating a big meal afterwards. It’s total calories which will ultimately make the difference in growth. You oughta take advantage of your improved nutrient partioning after your WO and just eat a large meal. It will be more economical and far more satisfying than drinking another 300 calories.

I add Power Drive as well. Only little different. Right when I finish my w/o I slam a glass of it while cooking my PWO meal.

I figure the faster I get it into my system, the better. Plus, I’m a semi-hard gainer, and I can use all the calories I can get. In addition, my schedule isn’t very optimal, and somes I just can’t eat a huge meal after working out; it might be way too late in the evening.

The big thing for me is, eating a normal high-carb meal gets the nutrients into the system slowly. I figure my second Surge, at least for those 350 calories, is being used more optimally by my worked muscles than would be a slowly digested meal (which, of course, I eat anyway). I might be wrong on that, but that’s my theory.

michaelv, Assuming you’re not working out in a fasted state, there is no need for all the Surge. Eat an hour or so before your WO. Drink your surge during your workout. Then come home and eat a ton of carbs and protein. I’d really recommend getting those 350 calories from whole food. Just eat a ton of oats, yams, rice, bananas, lean meats, have some protein powder, drink some milk, etc. Don’t hold back on this meal if you’re a hard-gainer. This should be a huge meal. There is no need to take an extra serving of Surge. You’re just throwing your money away.

Well Micheal I see nothing wrong with it. Sure whole food is great and optimal after your Surge, but as yoiu stated you simply dont have the time. That being the case your plan is great IMO.

Also if you are having a tough time packing on the pounds then an extra serving may be just what you need. Protein and carbs GOOD for that.

Still try and fit in a meal but hey gotta do what you gotta do. Many of the Big guys as well use more than two scoops of Surge.

Just my take,