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no pump in left tri

lately i’ve noticed that no matter how hard i train my tri’s, only my right tricep gets a pump…and i mean a MASSIVE pump…the left is well…left to fall to the wayside…now my right arm is 1/2-1" bigger than my left…even though my left side is categorically stronger in all pressing movements…the left tri doesnt even get a pump when i do isolating exercises alternating arms…why wont my left tri get a pump? even a tiny one??? PLEASE HELP!!!

so your left side arm is stronger but your right side is bigger. that is weird indeed. some ideas might be, your left side supporting muscles, like chest and deltoids are stronger then your right side so they do most of the load in the pressing motions. try checking your strength in specific tricep isolation excercises. How is your bicep strength balance? What kind of workouts have you been doing. Do you do triceps after pressing motions of any type like bench or military press, or dips. If so you might be overloading the right side and your left is not really feeling it. Try to change up your routine and do isolation movements for triceps first in the workout. Stick with a lot of dumbell work for all of the upper body workouts. laters pk

Most people experience some type of imbalance between their left and right sides. It is not unusual to have one arm 1/2" bigger than the other. I agree with pkradgreek, you should definitely incorporate more unilateral movements in your workout. It is possible you may have a pinched nerve somewhere and is something to have checked out. The reason you cannot feel a massive pump in your left tri is bacuse you lack the amount of muscle to engorge with blood there relative to your right tri. Try really priporitizing that side for a while, use unilateral exercises and always start with the left side on every exercise. Also, don’t do any more reps with the right side than you can complete with the left.

ok…back in august i got drunk (yes i know it fucks with your hormonal levels…i dont care…im human first…BB second) and challenged a friend of mine who had been juicin to an arm wrestling match…stupid…i know…but some time my pride gets the best of me…anywho…almost had him pinned when he did a jerking type movement in an attempt to…hell…i dont know what he was thinkin…he was lucky he didnt hurt himself…but alas…i was not so lucky…and my left elbow made a popping sound…we immediately let off all stress and i knew it was gonna be sore in the morning because i had done the same thing before with my right arm (with the same guy btw)…yeah yeah yeah…i should have known better and i actually entered into the match with the thought in my mind…but yeah…if anyone watches DBZ out there and knows who Vegita is then you know who i am…it ached for awhile afterwards with some sharp pain if i moved it in an awkward way…just the way my right arm had previously been…now there is only pain if i do a hard static contraction (flex) in a hammer curl position (not in the same location that the original pain was located…which was the inner elbow where the humerus joins the ulna? (inner forearm bone)…anyone with a knowlegable opinion about this? please dont say go see a doctor…doctor is not an option since i cant pay $10 for a tylenol…and yes…thats the cheapest thing you can get at the DO (which are all located in the old wing of the newly remodeled hospital)…just a visit is astronomical…no insurance…was wondering if this had some affect on my ability to get a pump…the elbow does not hurt when i perform ANY tricep movements (pressing or otherwise) or any other movement for that matter…only when flexing in the hammer position is there pain along the forearm muscle connecting to the bicep (not sure of the technical name…the one that humps up when your doing hammer curls) Chad’s response made me think back to the event as a possible cause for my lack of pumpage…knowlegable opinions?

look i have muscle imbalances also. i’ve always had. i try to use dumbells as much as i can. about the pain, i got something similar also. i’ve had it for 3 months. thus i have not done any significant type of volume for my biceps. Somethings just take time to heal. Considering you can’t seek medical attention, then you just have to wait it out and not make the problem worse. stay away from excercises that you feel pain in that area. laters pk

dude had same problem lost all strenght in left arm —tri lost muscle the only thing that helped was active release(art) look on art .com for someone near u – it was cheap good luck

thanx guys…makes me feel a little better about the size differential…still in the dark as to why it hurts in a totally different area than the original injury though…maybe i injured it again unknowingly? and i dont do hammer curls which is the only exercise that aggravates whatever is going on inside my forearm/elbow…i have cut down on the volume of biceps training…but more so as to enable my triceps to catch up…theyre a stubborn bodypart…biceps are not and grow readily with just about any training stimulus…noticing pain is even less noticeable today than yesterday…hoping full recovery will soon follow…