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No Prowler, No Problem


If you workout at a globo gym, here's something i came up with. Pretty simple and i dont know why i didnt come up with it before. Things you need: One of those rooms with the wood floors that they do those stupid yoga classes in, adjustable step platform, foam mat, weights. Just take the foam mat and put the step platform on top of it with no add steps, then add as much weight on top of it. Granted it's only the height of the low handles on a prowler. It's better than nothing.


...or you could just go to a real gym


Yeah, because EVERYONE has access to a "real gym."


Well, how do the yoga bunnies feel about finding you lying in a pool of your own sweat and puke, then?


Why not just make a tire sled? You can put one together for under $20 and they work great for GPP...


Low handles = evil.


I'd bet most do, they just won't train there.


i've just put a few plates on top of an adjustable bench and pushed that up and down the gym


Damn thats a fine avatar pf!


You know, you're one of those people I really wish would stop posting altogether.


I grab a pair hex DBs & do bear crawls


Thanks for that inspiration. I've never thought of that. Now all I need is the chain and straps.


There was a broken treadmill at our apartment complex "gym" (ha ha!) last year. I just hung on to the front bar and pushed the belt around. 25 seconds pushing, 35 seconds rest, repeat 19 times. Great workout.


In my gym, "wooden floors for yoga classes, lol" I took a mat, added like 450 lbs of plates on it, grabbed my buddies boat hauling ropes, ones used to haul oil tankers, so it's thick as hell. Hooked it through the weights, and pulled it all over the place, dragged it and pushed it. It was awsome.


Why not just push or pull a car or truck...Free except maybe for the cost of a little rope


THAT'S a funny visual. :slight_smile:


I have a couple tires that I put eye bolts through tied one end of an old motorcycle strap to the bolt and the other to a weight belt, toe that through a field behind my house, I can put weight inside the tires for an added kick, can't really push it but it gets the job done.