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No Promises This Time

Guess i need to learn how to post vids from Youtube
45 minute swin to a 1.5m run
57 years ago today I was a kid in Germany. It was evening and the phone rang. Papa had to go to an emergency meeting on the post. Returned several hours later. Called us all together and told us President Kennedy had been assinated. I remember my mother crying and my father getting his gear ready to moblize in case the Soviets had something to do with it. Hard to believe it’s been that long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtMvnqtNL3I

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Think your being a little hard on yourself there sir. I like you posts, I especially liked it when you were still competing. How long before you strap on the boots and start throwing again ??

I remember that day… I would have been 11, and was in school. The teacher came in, broke the news. Then we got sent home early. It was an overcast day in Michigan, kind of gray and dreary. When I got home, I could see my mother had been crying.

The day of the funeral, I went out for a bike ride: blue sky, bright sun, crisp fall day. What I remember most vividly was that the streets were deserted. No one was out, everyone was watching on TV.

A couple of years later, it was Robert Kennedy. I was older, and it just made me really mad…

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