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No Promises This Time

Use to post here. Use to lift some weights and compete in some sports, too. Would post for a while, promise I try to keep posting, then disappear again. So this time, no promises. Kinda missed readin what the old farts got to say. Just got back from the Philippines after 10 months. Suppose to be there 6 months. Had 7 flights canceled on me.Haven’t touched the weights the last 6 months. Been doing a lot basics, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, squat thrust, dips, and swimming. Lots and lots of swimming and martial arts, mainly Shotokan and Arnis. Weight stayed at around 205-210 thanks to plenty of Red Horse Beer and roast pig. Turned 65 in March and feelin pretty good. Not even sure how the gyms are operating locally but I’ll probably wander around to some and see soon as I get over the jet lag. Hope to get around to reading the posts soon.


Hey, it’s great to see you back. I always enjoy your posts.

Same here. You’re the guy with the Cajun accent.


Swimming rivers, throwing heavy stuff ect.
I remember too.

Welcome back Harry!

Hels, yeah!

He’s back. Missed your posts.

Thank you.

Thanks. You must have some seniority here by now.

Trying to get back in the swing of things again.

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Lately it’s been all ocean swimming and still Cajun.

Got more of a Tagalog (Filipino) accent of late .

Welcome back, Harry! 65? You have officially reached exalted status, un-officially of course you were already there…

Looking forward to your unique style of story telling.

I still remember you “promised” to recount your exploit on a difficult race of some sort vs your son I believe?


Opening the wallet and seeing a Medicare Card in there is a a bit unsettling. It was waiting for me in my mail when I got home. Brother who’d been getting my mail made sure it was sitting all nice and pretty on top of the stack. For those wondering about “the Race” last year. 2.5mile ocean swim and 2.5 mile uphill run. The “open division”, 30 and under had maybe 10 competitors in it, the 30-40 had 5, and then me in the all others. Not so many crazies around these days. Son was first to finish of everyone. Water was a little choopy. He did it in 1h and 36m so now has the record in the open and the 30-40. 3 guys didn’t finish and I finished in 3rd place overall (new over 60 record) at 2h and 8m. Smart ass son offered to help me down the hill. Brother in laws and nephews had gone ahead and had plenty of refreshment at the finish.


You do not disappoint! Nicely done.

Is that Harry? Great to see you back.

Thanks, didn’t think I was getting back. Was suppose to be back 7 April 20 and finally got back 22 July 20. My return flights were canceled 7 times. Jet lags killing me but that will pass.

Mate just good to see you are still healthy. Are you still throwing heavy things ??

I have done nothing but a lot of push ups, pullups, squat thrust, jumping jacks, (basic calisthenics), katas and ocean swimming for the past 6 months. Threw the shot and disc a couple of times at a niece’s college, the throwers wanted to learn the rotational method. Went to check on my favorite near gym today so got to get back to some weights.

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I’m pretty much still operating on PI time (+13 hrs) so hit the back yard at 0200.
40 push ups + 10 pull ups + 20 squat thrust + 40 crunches x 3. Several Shotokon kata then hit the river. Did about 1000m swim. Not as choppy as the ocean but a stronger current. Out of the water and more kata. Finished with 100 jumping jacks.
After breakfast went down the road to friend Mike’s gym. Sweet young thing met me at the door complete with face mask and hand sanitizer. She started telling me the operating rules. Mike came out of the back in time to save me. Big hug, where the hell you been, stories exchanged, cup of coffee. Bottom line, he’s only operates at 50% capacity, face masks required, and be open from like 0600 to 1800. So he gives me a key and I can come in after hours or even during hours if “I behave myself”. Staring tomorrow back to some weights.


Good to see you Harry. After hours at a gym will be nice. No one to bother you. I can’t believe its been 2 years since you last posted. As always I’m looking forward to following your training.

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