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No Progress, TRT Help


please can you help me??
i"m working out for about 5 yrs with no results(almost no results)
eating well,working well but no results
I decided to make a hormonal studies and got results -indicate that i have low T
i am geting TRT therapy
so i would like to know am i going to get some benefits of it,get some muscles?
and should i get injections or gel ??

sorry for the bad english :smiley:


Do not start testosterone until you get more lab work.

It is very important that you get LH/FSH tested BEFORE TRT.

How old are you? It really doe matter. If young, we need to look for causes of low T which is then a symptom.

prolactin if younger

Please read the advice for new guys sticky. That will answer some of your questions and more.


i did some lab works…
results : LH-1.7
total test. 9.1 nmol(5.76-28.14)
free test-1.48% (1.59-2.95)
0.135 nmol (0.091-0.579)
prolaktin -423 (72.66-407.4)
SHBG(sex hormone binding globuline)- 48.1 (17.1-77.6)
i am 27(not that young anymore:) )
went to the doc.he told me that i might have to take TRT…
i am literally no muscle guy…187cm 72 kg
also having problems with depression(tried with antidepressants-no help) and other mental sh**s(sry)

going to gym for 5 years,doing everything right(i hope so) and results almost ZERO!! :frowning:
is it possible to gain some mucles ,or i am hopeless case? :slight_smile: :frowning:
and should i start with gel or injections ??
thnx alot :slight_smile:


Your LH/FSH are low, you have secondary hypogonadism and you need to try to find out why.

As in the advice for new guys sticky: - do your reading

  • prolactin can depress LH/FSH and T levels
    – your prolactin is elevated
    – at your age, there is a concern of a pituitary adinoma
    – your prolactin suggests a prolactin secreting adinoma
    – that is verified with an MRI
    – treatment would be 0.5mg/week cabergoline/Dostinex [oral]

Cabergoline will increase dopamine and lower prolactin. Mood should increase and if T levels improve you will feel even better. Might resolve depression.

So the above is something to feel good about.

Injections are more cost effective. Only 10% of T in creams and gels is absorbed. If sweating, even less will be absorbed.

SHBG seems high relative to your low T. Perhaps E2 is elevated or high enough to make you estrogen dominant. E2 lab would have been useful.

If you get on cabergoline, you might also want to do something to help you recover. You could take 10mg Nolvadex per day for 1 month [please not Clomid]. Do that for a month then slowly reduce Nolvadex over 10 days [taper].


my doc. gave me some lab works to do,now i am waiting results
I needed to do : LH RH test,TSH,FT3,FT4…
he stated that i might have hypogondalism…never said a word(why???) about prolactin and E2…altough he seems like very mind-open doc.(i am from croatia :slight_smile: )
he gave me some antiooxidants for the start,until results of these tests

I hope he knows what he is doing :smiley:
maybe sounds stupid,but should i do things on my own or listen to doc.


Do not assume that your doc has the understandings that we have here!!!

Docs think that low T is a condition and do not see it as a symptom to drive deeper investigation.

Please re-read my post above, print and have your doctor read and discuss with you. If a MRI is difficult to get or pay for there, do a trial of cabergoline. The results of that are a good diagnostic. There really are not any side effects with low dose cabergoline. There are side effects with large doses used to tread Parkinson’s.


for sure i am going to print this and ask him some questions from your post.i am going to see him next week.We’ll see what the situation is…thnx once again,regards until next week :slight_smile:


and last question for this week :slight_smile:

if i understood,this situation(lasting almost whole my life,feeling like a women,not man:) ) could be because of prolactin problems ??


forgot to tell,i had some stress situations past two months…but whole my life i could"t deal with stress situations,dealing with it like a women…dealing with it like oversensitive person…
also did testesterone(only) test before 6-7 years with no stress on my shoulders…
TT was 11.7 at that time
range was( 10.24-28.9)


ksman please.help :slight_smile:


Still need those new labs. Ask for cabergoline 1/2mg per week and see is that resolves some problems.


hi,i got results of RH-LH test,it is ok,TSH,FT3,FT4 are also ok…
he gave me testo gel for about 2 months trial…
i asked him about prolactin he notice that there is no any problems about prolactin,that i have normal prolactin level and it is nothing abnormal about prolactin…any advice?? ksman ?? :slight_smile:


Prolactin is a problem and a symptom of a possible prolactin secreting adinoma. We have had guys at the upper range of normal who have then found an adinoma. Undetected adinomas can create much higher levels. But early detection and treatment is a good objective.

Please post all of your labs with ranges. We are hear because lab results are often not interpreted properly. “OK” and “normal” are not informative and are often wrong or misleading.

Above normal: "prolaktin -423 (72.66-407.4) "

You can ask for a trial of cabergoline to see if you feel better and hormones improve.

Have you been feeling depressed?


yes i am feeling depressed(taking mirzaten q tab,been on seroxat,zoloft,without help),in the morning is ok, but in the afternoon and midnight gets worse,depression,anxiety,bad mood etc…


LH-RH test:
LH 1- 3.78(1.7-8.6)
LH4 -17.84


i just told me that there is nothing to worry about prolactin,that its a normal thing in stress situations
should i try cabergoline with testo gel or just cabergoline?? i think its not easy to get cabergoline for trial :frowning:


here i am again :slight_smile: after two months of androgel 50mg i got new results.still feeling crapy

results : shbg and e2 are good,in the middle range
total test : 11.4 nmol
free test : O.171 nmol,1.44%

fsh,lh-both went down to 0.5

there is slightly move up with free test and total test.but still that is shitty…i dont feel benefits at all…should i ask my doc to give me injections…KSMan??please???