No Progress on Cut. What to Change?

What’s up im currently cutting while trying to retain as much muscle and strength as possible. I’m mainly doing this 1) for aesthetic reasons 2) to be as clean as possible physically before starting a cycle.

Currently training in PPL format 3-4 times a week, lots of volume (dropsets + supersets) and 2 30mn cardio sessions/week.

Diet-wise im around 240g of protein on off days, 260-290g on training days, 50 to 100g of carbs per day, might go up to 150g if i trained that day. i used to get 50 to 100g of peanut butter daily but i cut that out. only fats come from one tablespoon of olive oil i use every time im cooking meat, and 2-4 eggs i have every day.

Im taking a omega 3 supplement as well as a multivitamin that covers what i would get from fruit (i dont eat any).

last weigh-in was about a week ago, im currently 240-245 for 6’6. here’s a recent picture

Seems to me like im operating at absolute bare minimum when it comes to pretty much every macro considering im still training hard and trying to hold on to as much muscle as possible. I had some success with my cut for about the first month, i progressively kept dieting down, but im not sure what to do now that im hitting this wall, because i dont see what i should cut.

Seems like im getting just enough protein, fats are close to non-existent, and carbs are barely enough for me to function pre and post-workout, yet im still not lean.

do you guys have any advice?

Consider dropping the volume a little. Instead of Lots of volume do a more Moderate amount.

While you’re cutting, drop out the super sets and drop sets for awhile. Just use straight sets with more regulated, but still kind of brief rest periods. Train with slightly less “Intensiveness.”

You’re cutting weight and eating less food, so your less able to recover from training. The high volume, high density, tough workouts may be digging a deeper hole than you than you can realize.

Try chilling out a little and see if that lets your body relax into weight loss.

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wouldn’t less intensity result in potential muscle loss though since im in a deficit?

Keep using challenging weights and trying to get stronger. Or at least don’t get weaker. So keep “Intensity” as % of a 1 rep max high.

But when you lift weights you use up carbs/protein stored in your muscles. If you keep breaking them down with lots of sets and lifts then not filling them back up because you’re eating less, you can loose muscle. This can really make you feel run down and shitty. So use “regular” volume and rest periods so your not cramming tons of work in.

Here’s a solid article from somebody who actually knows what he’s talking about.

Just personally, I was losing weight on a Push/Pull/Legs split with about 10 straight sets per workout. I was cruising along OK, mostly feeling good and losing a pound or two a week.

Then I did a month of circuit training, 4-5 or more lifts in a row, round and round with no rest for like 40 sets. I thought a more dense, fast paced, high volume workout would help me loose weight. Instead, weight loss slowed to a crawl and I felt hungry with decreasing motivation.

And then this article came out like 2 days later and I totally agreed with it.


I agree with you. General guidelines for fat loss lifting:

• More frequency (less food = overall catabolism balance meaning you should stimulate the muscle more often)

• Less volume (less cortisol)

• High intensity (so that your body understand you still need this fucking muscle)

• Probably higher rep range on the later stages (like if you always do sets of 5, go to 8 or 10)

Keep in mind I can tolerate a lot of volume: my two more successful recent cuts were either on a Bro split 5X per week with around 15 sets per session or a PPL 6x per week with around 12 sets per session. 90% of sets RPE 10 or 11

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appreciate the tips, i’ll check that article out asap, though to be fair i do lots of volume but i recover well and dont feel shitty at all, im still refilling the muscle to some extent (260g+ of protein daily, 50 to 100g of carbs depending if im training or not). i’ll try slightly lowering the volume and maybe adding one or two light cardio sessions every week.

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You mentioned in your first cycle thread that you have a weekly cheat day. Is that still the case on the cut? If so, that could be why you’re not seeing fat loss as rapidly as you would like.

really? cuz i’ve always heard that if im in starvation mode 7 days a week its gonna stall my progress as my body adapts.

Yes- overall fat loss is still going to depend on overall calories you’re consuming. Let’s say weekly maintenance is 15,000 calories. If you’re only eating 12,000 combined on your regular days and then 4,000 on your cheat day, you’re already back above maintenance. It’s one thing if it’s pretty sporadic, but done weekly the cumulative impact can be significant.

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Nah metabolic adaption is grossly misunderstood and exagerated. What is it is that people who consume less calories tend to spend calories (they usually move less, less energy). That’s it. Also, being lighter means you spend less calories.

Also, if your macros are correct, you’re eating like between 1750 and 2200. As a 240 lbs male this is nothing.

I’m 185 natural and I eat 2600-2800 per day and lose weight. You should try moving more, how many steps per day are you doing?

not moving much during the day right now other than the days i workout (3-4 times a week) and cardio (about twice a week, sometimes three). i’ve been advised to do more cardio. i think im gonna do that.

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Don’t do more cardio, drop your weekly cheat meal. If you aren’t losing weight then you are eating too much, either on your cheat day or without realising it on your other days.