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No Preacher Curl Bench. Options?


so, my biceps and triceps completely are lagging, they are only 16. 16.5? i forget when i measured them..

but they have not gained in quite awhile, need a good change up..

main question, got any good ideas for a home made preacher curl in the gym?

my gym doesnt have a preacher curl bench!! so i need some ideas how to make one up, or something like that, to get the benefits of the preacher curl..


Use the edge of a bench set on an incline to do preacher curls.


You could hang your arms over an incline bench.


You can do them standing behind an inclined bench.

edit: too slow


This may be silly, but in the hotel gym, I've used the incline bench/sit-up bench and done one-armed barbell curls, somewhat simulating preacher curls. Hope it helps.


yah ive always thought about two hand ezcurl preacher curls, i havent really thought about dumbbell p-curls..

ill def try it on the incline bench!

thanks guys!


DB concentration curls?


incline db preachers work well.


Take a flat bench to the smith machine. Set the bar about nipple height when seated on the bench. Wrap 2-3 thick towels around the bar. TADA.