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NO Pre-Workout Drink

I was using NO explode for about two weeks and all the stimulants were making me utterly crazy. Besides the psychosis, I liked the pump and the increased vascularity. Is there anything out there without all the stimulants or should I just take arginine before my workout? Thanks

Judging from this post, I strongly suspect you’re nowhere near advanced, don’t know what you’re doing with nutrition and training overall, and shouldn’t even be thinking much of ANY supplementation besides protein powder and fish and/or flax oil (supplements more resembling FOOD).

Stick to simple carbs and whey powder during and after workouts. Report back to us in 6 months after getting your DIET (not supplementation) and training in check.

Unless you are in fact psychotic (nothing wrong with this), you didn’t have NO induced psychosis.


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Where can I ride one?

Wow, I didn’t know visiting Splash on a regular basis resulted in so much knowledge.

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Where can I ride one?[/quote]

bend over and i will show you?