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No Power Racks Available


I lift at a Gold's Gym and they only have 3 power racks becuause they need room for machines, cardio equipment 20 benches.

Anyway, I'm doing deads while waiting for a rack so I can squat. One guy is doing pull-ups, no big deal I was still doing deads so I wasn't going to rush him. The other rack is taken by a couple of people super-setting.

The last rack is being used by one of the trainers. This guy is the classic, all upper body. He has a huge upper body, but his legs look like 2 broom handles. So he is doing squats. I overhear him start talking to the guy doing pull-ups.

He said that between each set of squats, he waits 5 minutes because that will help you build the most muscle in your legs. So his average squat workout takes between 40-60 minutes, for 5x5 He said there is scientific evidence that waiting 5 minutes depletes lactic acid stores and a bunch of other stuff trying to sound intelligent.

I've never heard anything like this before or read it anywhere. To to it off the guy doing pull-ups switches to squats and starts waiting 5 minutes between sets. Gotta love it.