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No Post-Training Soreness


I started a new workout routine after realizing the 2 hours i spent in the gym was uncalled for. But since i'v brought it down to only an hour or less i havent been leaving the gym as sore as i usually am. The question i have does it REALLY matter if your sore that day or the next or sometimes even two days later? Or can a quality workout come and you won't feel it so bad.


Yup, you won't always feel sore - especially if your PWO nutrition is good as well as your diet.


what exactly is PWO nutrition


Post-workout nutrition - what you have before/during/after your workout. Something with carbs and protein when bulking (around a 2:1 ratio), and I use protein alone when cutting down.

Your diet in general has an effect on how you feel the next couple of days.


ahh i see, sweet deal thanks


I don't feel quite right unless I'm sore. I know I got a good workout Wednesday, but I wasn't sore at all. Squats are today and I'm gonna make sure I'm sore tomorrow.


yea thats how i feel. i feel like i wasted a workout


How much intensity are you putting in if you are there for 2 hours? I mean, I can dick around in a gym for hours and not be sore (As I did when I first started) but if I'm really busting my ass, there's no way I could maintain that for 2 hours.


i honestly busted my ass for two hours, but now i changed it to be under an hour so im twice as intense


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It's been said over and over again, but I'll say it anyway. Getting sore isn't the object of training.


spent the last 4 years training to absolute failure on every set on every session. totally sore on each body part for a coupla days after, and then when i didn,t feel sore enough would change excercises and go again. only trouble was apart the tiredness and constant pain, with the exception of the early newbie gains, been stuck in roughly the same place ever since, apart from when taking a holiday when i would generaly come back stronger. recently started to train using greater intensity, fewer excercises,periodization, not going to failure and leaving the gym feeling energised not battered.

oh busted through plateau and goals being achieved rapidly. best gains since i was a beginner.

you don't have to be sore to be good!


I could get sore watching people work out...if I don't get a gram of (edit) fish oil and a lot of times Naproxen on top of that - I will be in pain just sleeping.


=] Don't take this the wrong way, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you and I have divergent definitions of the word "intense"

There is no way you have been "busting your ass" for 2 hours and can now work twice as hard for an hour.

I'm not superman and have no patent on training intensity, but if that's you in your AV I'm probably twice your age and I'll go out on a limb and promise you you could not do what I do for 2 hours unless you took 10 minute rest periods.


In my opinion, you can't train much more than 1 hour if you go hard. No point doing 4 different exercises for each muscle group when you can do one or two and give your utmost.
I doubt you've been squatting and deadlifting for 2 hours.


send me wut u do tribulus


I feel its different from person to person, I seem to always get somewhat sore after I workout. I'm pretty sure its not because I'm not getting enough protein since I get over 300g a day. I know some people who train really hard and don't get that sore though also, and they don't eat hardly anything.

If you feel your not getting sore even after you take some time off then you could be doing weight that is too easy for you.

Also 2 hour workouts are definitely not as intense as a 1 hour workout. I used to do 2 hour workouts had to rest longer since its impossible to do heavy compound movements that long unless possibly you are pumped full of all sorts of test. Now I do around 1hour or little longer going a lot faster and I like it a lot more.


You're missing the point. When I say WHAT I do, I'm referring more to HOW I do it. You posting back that you did it doesn't mean anything. Also I'm not the center of the point I'm making and I'm not calling you out. What I am saying is that most inexperienced lifters wholly underestimate what they're capable of and are very quick to call their training "intense" when they really don't know what that means.

My 21 year old son visited me and figured he'd show the old man what he was made of. He insisted on doing EXACTLY the same as me. He made it through one double drop set of Smith machine squats, wound up on all fours gagging and gasping, trying not to puke and conceded that maybe he didn't work as hard as he thought he did. From that single set he was so sore the next day he barely made it up my front stairs.

Moral of the story? When you get some more experience under your belt we won't be having this conversation.


Personally, as long as I have an intense working, I'm always sore. If I'm not sore I feel as if it was a bad workout and up the weight next time