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No Point Testing E2

  1. If your free t is above 2.1% of total t your e2 WILL be too low.

  2. If your free t is at 1-2% of total t and you feel good your estrogen WILL be just right.

  3. If it is below 2% of total t AND you have high e symptons it WILL be too high.

There is no point testing e2 as a number is not useful. It is all about percentages and ratios between androgens and estrogen.

I wouldn’t agree with any of those statements.


I don’t understand the point of this thread, it really depends on who we are talking about because there are no absolutes when talking about individual responses to androgens.

I have patients that would contradict each of those situations.

Every question you’ve asked relating to Estrogen is meritless except the title of this thread.

No Point Testing E2


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I didnt ask any questions. I made statements.

Well i expected that.