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No Point of Training Without Gear?

Is there any point in staying natty and training without gear when you obviously won’t make the progress you can while on AAS.

Also, are the gains from anavar permenant if you keep up with nutrition after the cycle? Can you do a cycle to hit your genetic peak and stay natty for the rest of your life?

If you don’t enjoy lifting then there is no point in doing it.


I’m on TRT and blast twice a year. I am able to keep my gains and I know if I did not exersize all the time I would only injure myself if I only exersized while blasting. You want to be big and stay big you have to work your ass off all the time.


I theory yes you can get to genetic peak via a cycle and keep it but in practice it’s a different story. You have to have the discipline nutrition and regiment down to keep it but if you have that you can just get there naturally without it.

Now I don’t know if you meant this or not but I got the feeling you were saying a cycle of only anavar. This is a horrible idea. All steroids suppress natural testosterone production so if you only take anavar you will be trying to build muscle in a low to no testosterone state. Our bodies need test. If you are a female you can get away with only anavar because of how female bodies make their little bit of test.

You could technically use HCG to keep your natural test production on during an only anavar cycle but then you run into the whole 75% of the “anavar” out there isn’t anavar. If it is actually an anabolic then it is usually winstrol or winstrol mixed with dbol.

The only way an oral only cycle could work would be with HCG but by the time you get everything even if you use dbol or winstrol(two of the most affordable orals) then you will probably spend 2-3 times what a simple bottle of testosterone costs. You still have to run a PCT either way. I guarantee you that bottle of testosterone will get you a check of a lot more bang for your buck vs orals and HCG.

Really the only time you should think about or use steroids is to get past a wall, weather it’s genetic limit or a strength barrier.

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Is there any point in looking for a girlfriend when you obviously won’t have a threesome with Jessica Biel and Rosario Dawson?

Is there any point in learning how to throw a football when you obviously won’t be in the Superbowl?

Dude. C’mon.

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Is there any point in making money if you won’t be the richest person in the world?

Or going to school if you’re not going to get a PhD?

I’m a lifetime natural, and I’ve gotten pretty big and strong with that approach.

Obviously not. If there’s anything that internet pornography has taught me it’s that you need at least seven sexual partners at a time!

The problem isn’t so much using gear to reach your genetic potential, the problem is really why aren’t you there now?! The reason is usually very simple in that you aren’t training, eating, and or recovering properly to reach that goal. Taking gear will obviously make attaining that goal easier in the short term but if you’re not prepared to invest the time and energy to get there now what leads you to believe you’re going to be willing to do the work once you’ve made it with gear?
What’s your plan post-gear? You have to train, eat, sleep in order to keep all your precious gains otherwise it’s all for naught.

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