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No Pct on First Cycle

Hey i just finished my first ever cycle 1month ago did 5weeks of 30mg a dAy of dianabol and 8weeks of test e wich shouldve ran longer it being a long esther but had already bought it and figured hey dosnt really matter it being my first cycle! Had great results and i did run a a.i part of the cycle but absolutly no pct at all!! I have kept almost all my gains i only lost some water weight wich was barlely anything, right after my cycle i injured one of my hands and havnt been to the gym in 3weeks and im currently eating less than on cycle (I was hungry 24/7) and for some reason I am loosing 0 of the gains i have no fucking clue whats going on xD but hey im not complaining!

Everything is fine from a to z my testies seem 100% normal my libido is off the chain and I feel great! My hand is recovered too now so im about to start the gym back up hard I just dont know what it is i almost feel like im still on the gear wich is impossible since my appetite isnt half what it was and i havnt injected or put anything except whey protein in my body since 4weeks ago on my last pin! The only side affect i got wich started a week or 2 ago was peeling skin on my hands wich seems to be getting better since i applied baby oil!

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How old are you?

What on earth made you want to run a cycle without PCT?

Im 23 I didnt run the cycle without pct I have pct clomid and nolva on deck and still have it just havnt used it and dont feel like i need to! My testies are normal sized and are working a1!

How tall are you, what do you weigh?

Im only 5’5! And now probably 155lbs, I was at about 120lbs when I started lifting!