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No PCT and Kept Gains!

I have been off cycle for 3 months now, I finished my last 12 week cycle of testE 250mg a day and DBOL for 3weeks at start and last 3 weeks at 50mg a day. I used ADEX during cycle but I tapered off the test and did not use PCT or continue use of ADEX post cycle…

I have kept nearly al my gains, bar the water retention I had so I am well happy, one thing though, my testes seem to be very slowly growing back to size, but I am getting some right shitty pain in my nuts, is this normal?


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I answered the question about the nut pain on your other thread.

Are you using T5s? They can cause testicular pain.


Cheers Bushy I have been away for ages I don’t know if I even read that on the other thread



Yeah that would be a pretty decent dose of test.

Uh just a few thoughts besides the congrats. First off the test taper depending on how gradual it was and the fact that I’m pretty sure you only used 250 mg of test a week (it was a week and not a day RIGHT?) helped alot.

Also in all honesty do you think you could have gained the amount of muscle you have on your body right now without using AAS? Obviously you couldn’t have gained the amount you did in the amount of time you did without AAS. However, if you we’re really that close to you genetic potential then it shouldn’t be that hard to hold your gains.