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No PCT After Rad-140/Ostarine Cycle. Help with Bloods?

A year ago (jun-July) i did a simple 8 week test prop cycle
I did a 3 week nolva only pct which I see is a mistake now. I Felt like I recovered but did not get any bloods done.

In February i did a small 4 week cycle of rad-140 and ostarine, I stopped cold turkey with no pct I never felt shut down or anything felt fine afterwards and everything downstairs worked.

Fast forward to June this year, Iv suffered from lack of libido, ED, weak ejaculations, watery sperm.
I had some bloods done last week and this is what come back

My fsh is on the low end of being in range
Would a short blast of hcg get the testicles firing again?

To answer your question the HCG may or may not stimulate your balls to produce more but I would think that will make matters worse by suppressing the LH/FSH. A low dose of clomid would likely be a more suitable option to stimulate your own LH/FSH which will in turn stimulate your testis.

To be honest though, if it were me I would pay my doctor a visit and explain my past AAS and SARMs use. The doc will then decide what to test you for. IMO it’s not wise to take that blood work as an overall picture of health as anything could be going on and causing your issues. To me at least, the fairly significant time between your SARMs cycle and your symptoms makes it less wise to assume that they are linked.

Why was that a mistake? That’s what I’d use for PCT (maybe 4-6 weeks tho)

Your testicles are fine with regards to testosterone, you may be moving towards infertility. So the testicles are firing if your testosterone values have anything to say about it.

HCg doesn’t stimulate FSH, so I don’t see how that would help. Your levels are all normal, save FSH. That’s obviously not great but it also won’t be solved by HCG. A SERM could help, but then again you don’t know what the root cause of the lower FSH number is. And to be clear you are low but still within range. This is one of those situations where it’s likely you’ll do more harm than good if you attempt to fix a problem that may not be the actual problem. If you’re gung-ho on getting FSH up then HMG is the guaranteed way to do it.

Could I use HMG on its own and would fsh remain elevated after stopping?

That’s the most expensive option, but it will work. Enclomiphene is probably easier.