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No Pain No Gain Movie


I think I’ll save this one for the “dollar” theater.

That’s classic! Personally, I like the lab scene and the top researcher who doesn’t want anything to do with him. Although it looks Canadian-made, I still want to see it for some reason.

BTW-I can’t believe that that’s Dennis Newman!


You are seriously telling me you wouldn’t pay full price to see that? I would . . .

I’ll pay my full dollar, unless I decide to theater hop.

Isn’t it amazing that the good guy character built such a good physique without steroids? That myostatin inhibitor must be great stuff! Maybe he could win the Mr Olympia natural too!

I want my 3 minutes back. :slight_smile:


Obviously an instant classic.


I watched it…

I feel used, somehow unclean and…I just want to cry.



Was that Jill Mills at the end?

[quote]JMB wrote:
Obviously an instant classic.


Yeah, it will be to bodybuilding what “Gleaming the Cube” was to skateboarding.

I just got a friend request for this movie on MySpace. The trailer looks hilarious. I guess they’re trying to promote DVD sales now. I didn’t even know it existed.