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No Pain Homebrew Recipes for Primo and Sus?

I’ve got 10g of each and want to do some homebrew safe and painless. Who’s got the safest recipes for primobolan and sustanon?

Both primo and sustanon can give you pain. Primo will sting when you inject it. Primo is often faked with test prop. Sustanon has test propionate, which can also cause an inflammatory reaction.

There are no fancy secret recipes. The safest recipes are standard, primo 100mg/ml and sustanon 250mg/ml. Use simple GSO, BB, maybe 2% BA. Type in the strength you want /ml into an online steroid calculator, it will tell you how much of each ingredient you will need.

You can get primo to hold at 200mg in MCT pretty easily. Should be fairly pip-free at that concentration. It’ll hold higher with EO/guiaicol but that introduces some potential for pain. Sust will always give you pip because prop hurts as an ester. Nothing you can do about that.

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i have grapeseed oil bb and ba and 10g of each prim and sus. i tried making at 100/250 respectively and with the sus especially i get a really swollen injection site and a hard lump for like 7 days or so. The prim goes fine no problems.

so i guess im asking whats the pain free ratio of bb/ba when making 10g worth of 100 primo and 250 sus?

I haven’t heard of BB causing any pain. BA, I hear some people say it is the cause of PIP.
When I brewed I never used any BA, had no problems regarding sterility. I found some compounds caused PIP. I have also used legit prescribed pharma with 10% BA and got no PIP.

Some compounds have the potential to give you PIP to varying degrees, no matter what mix you do.
I have the feeling that freshly brewed gear is more likely to give you PIP, than gear that has mellowed for 6 months or more. I used to brew 100ml at a time, the first 50ml vial usually gave me a bit of PIP. By the time I got around to using the second vial, it always seemed to give me less or no PIP.