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No Pain From T 400?

I just injected my first shot of t 400. 1 cc in the outer thigh with a 23 g, 1 inch pin. My friend shot his yesterday and said it felt like he had a baseball in his ass and said it was very painfull.

I did not feel anything. Is this normal?

Alot of times it depends on the brand, and your shot placement.

Also, the bigger you are, the less injection pain you will experience as well, as muscle has hypertrophied leaving nerves blood vessels etc. further spaced apart.

That at least is my finding.

I have a friend who uses t-400, Denkal puts a hologram on all their products (and are the only ones who make t400) so I’d do a little searching(you’ll find pics of what it should look like, and specifics on the hologram since I have read they have been faked). From what he says and others have said I know who use it, it’s a brutal injection, especially a straight 1cc should be rough because of concentration and BA levels, but again Im not a user, only an observer, so just do some searching to be sure its real. And if you are ok with the injection and its not hurting you… awesome, my buddy couldnt walk for a week after.

Looking good Prisoner!

It is possible that the product you have is drastically underdosed or an extremely high BA content was not used on that batch.

Ive used a 400mg/ml test product before with no pain after as well.

I have shot the Denkal T-400 and had no pain or injection site soreness. I do believe that the brand and site have a lot to due with pain. More so than mg/ml and compound used. Unless you are shooting suspension.

Good answers but


Ok so just an update for everyone. The t 400 hurts like a mother fucker. I can barley walk. It took a couple days but I definetly am feeling the pain now.

All I am going to say is I have used T-400 that did not hurt at all. Most labs use far too much preservative in their gear as do pharm companies.

I remember the pain I used to get from using those sherring testovirons back in the day.