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No One Using Test Cyp?


Seems like no one uses Test cyp. Almost all the cycles here are E or prop. Any reason for this? I mean why is "cyp" not preferred?


Most don't have a preference between cypionate and enanthate but make the choice based on availability or cost.

Cypionate has a little longer half-life but most I think are not basing decisions on that, and for most plans the difference is not of particular importance.

In contrast, when propionate is chosen that usually is precisely because of its shorter half-life.


Isnt a longer half better? Less frequent injections and such?


At the cost of longer build up time and longer clearance time. From what I hear though, most people don't notice much of a difference between enanthate and cyp. And most people inject both twice per week.


prop is loved because it creates very stable blood levels.

E and Cyp need to be frontloaded to get the most performance out of them.

I use whatever my buddy cooks up, its not a big deal to me.


Ive used both Cyp and Enan and do not notice a difference. I have split my injections into two per week in the past and for this cycle I am injecting 3 times per week. Don't notice a difference there either.


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All good things come with patience?



i one had a good 10-15lbs from 7 weeks of 500mg/wk no frontload of cyp.

no shit.


EDIT: i would use it as a last choice of sust, prop, enanth - it DOES seem to take a lot longer than the enanthate ester - strangely.



I had the EXACT experience..that is why I wondered its the last to be preferred, but I guess I cant really judge since I have never tried anything else.


I will swap it out one for the other as with myself in the past I havent noticed much if any difference at all between the two.


god - for me enanth (same dose/cycle and cyp here is a good 2 2 week difference.. 4 weeks enanth and 6 weekscyp.

Maybe its me.

there is ALWAYS that!


I'm actually going to be running test cyp 500mg/wk for 9 weeks. No frontload. I really just want to get a feel for the stuff. Debating over whether to make it a thread or not. I may just keep it as a blog, since I don't think a simple T500 log is worth cluttering up the forum.


I just see cyp as the annoying middle sibling between Prop and Enan so I stay away from it. lol


I always wondered what "lol" was supposed to contribute, when not indicating actually laughing or being humorous. It's hard for me to figure you found your statement humorous?

Unless the idea was, humorously wrong.

But no, it is just plain wrong.


been taking cyp for six years now. i do love prob because i like the frequent injections


you mean you dont notice the difference between 2 or 3 shots? not flaming, really asking


It goes prop -> enan -> cyp in terms of ester release (pardon the almost certainly incorrect term), right? (Increasing half-life/active life from left to right). LOL softens the statement, as I see it used a lot.


Ouch bill ouch...It's just habit my man. I don't see anything "wrong" about my post as it was purely an opinion so Idk why you went off on me there.

I try to keep the mood light, which is why I add "lol" to most of my posts.


dont worry waylander, its a young buck thing, i do it too occasionally.