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No one likes them??/Hobbies

In a previous thread (am I an asshole?) which has been resolved. I mentioned comic collecting as part of it.
Is there seriously no one on the forum that likes comics? I find it strange. I am not knocking anyone for it, but it just seems weird. Comics are propably one of the earliest mediums of the modern era to display well proportioned and pleasing physiques.
So besides training, which everyone here obviously likes. What is everyone into? Football, Soccer, Boxing???

Well, I used to love comics. In fact, for a while there I was working on becoming a comic book artist. I pretty much collected them for the art only. If the art was good, I bought it, with the exception of Wolverine, which I bought every month.

I used to LOVE comics as a kid. I started out with the Disney comics, Mandrake, Phantom, Tintin, Asterix&Obelix, Alan Ford etc. When I was a teenager I liked reading Spawn, Dylan Dog, Martin Mystere. Not as sweet as the aforementioned but still sweet.

Hell yes I love comic books! Thinking back on it, that is probably why I got into weight lifting. I wanted to be a big bad ass like wolverine or the hulk and kick some ass. Comic books are a very cool entertainment medium and were my first introduction to muscles, strength, and adventure. Theses are the things that I still value today but in a different perspective than when I was eight years old!

Wasting my life spending 6-8 hours a day on one particular internet site and forum. ;0)

I think you’ll find alot of comic lovers here. Do a search on the Thread “Fictional T-Men”

My problem with “comics” is that they are not funny. Super Heros can kiss my ass.

I have a small comic collection - ElfQuest is my number one favorite (about half of my collection including many foreign versions), then X-Men and Excalibur, some Batman, some Superman. Only about 1000, not many by most collectors standards.

My time lately is spent speedskating and working, though I need to get back to working on my house and lifting. And of course, training our dog in personal protection, writing web sites, and some other shit. Sometimes I even eat and sleep.

You aren’t a geek because you collect comics. It was your actions. I use to collect comics, but it got too expensive when I was in college so I quit. My problems is I didn’t limit what I read so much. I bought every Batman book (including Robin, Azrael, Catwoman, and Legend), every Superman related book (including Superboy, Steel, etc.), every X-Men related book (Uncanny, X-Men, X-Factor, X-Man, Wolverine, plus all the rest which I cannot remember), every Spawn book, whatever Jim Lee happened to put out (this was during his Image days) (WILDCats, Gen-X, there was another one too - a team of golden colored heros, Deathblow, etc.), a few of the Liefeld books (names escape me right now), PITT, Aquaman (this was about the time he lost part of his arm and replaced it with a harpoon? the writer I think was a famous guy, perhaps of Hulk fame and I think he also did an X book for a while), Daredevil (around the time when his identity was found out), Fantastic Four (around the time they killed off Mr. Fantastic), a few Valiant comics (XO, Bloodsport(?), etc.), a few Malibu comics (Prime was a favorite), Sandman, and various others which I cannot remember. Also, I bought HERO and Wizzard monthly. It can be very addictive and then become very expensive. If I could stick to a handful, I might get back into it. However, I am not sure I could stick to just a few (based on my track record). I picked up a few “Sam and Twitch” for old time’s sake a couple of years ago and it was very good (around Spawn 100 - I just had to get it as I have the first 50 or so I then bought the last 50 or so I was missing so now I have the first 100+ Spawns (all first print - no coupon in the one issue, though)).

I’m into heroics. Not in comic books. After the end of a long day I look in the mirror and someone else says, “You are a hero.” I think it’s God saying it. However, it may just be my neuroses flaring up.

I have several thousand copies packed away in storage from my teen - college years. Once i got out of school, though, I didn’t really have the time or money to continue collecting.

Initially I was into the X-men, Hulk, Spidey, Bat-Man etc… My two favorite characters were Wolverine and Daredevil. Overtime i started to get more into the Vertigo/“adult” series like Sandman (still have issues 1-50), Eightball, Hate, Milk and Cheese, the master, lone wolf and cub…

Anyway, you’re not the only one who collects and I’m not the only one who got into weightlifting dreaming of being as big as the hulk…

In there the past there’s been a few posts about comics and many people responded. Also, look at the screen names (handles?). Natt the Hat is from Hitman. Some that come to mind are Jesse Custer, Professer X, Wolverine, Thanosx and Drax.

Not funny?? You must have been reading the wrong comics then. While super heroes aren’t ususally funny it’s because they aren’t meant to be. But I challenge anyone to read PREACHER from start to finish and not be laughing their ass off at all the stuff that happens in that story. But that’s your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it.

Yeah my actions totally sucked that day. What was my problem? I don;t quite know. I guess if I didn’t think that I was wrong in the least I wouldn’t have asked if I was an asshole.
With that aside though, I ran into the sam problem I didn’t limit anything. So I would start out with a couple series those many years ago and run into a writer or artist I liked and buy the other series they were involved in and then read and see more good writers artists and story lines and pick that up too. Then crossovers with characters you like in other comics could lead you to like whoevers comic they were appearing in if the teamup was good and on and on. I have really restricted myself to 100 bucks a month now for comics and that’s it. No sooner did I do that and Jim Lee started drawing Batman oh the temptation!! But I digress, I am glad you pointed out that it was my actions and not my love of comics that makes me a dork as you are bang on with your observation.
in the words of Stan Lee,

Man, I used to be a real comic zombie when I was a kid, but as I got older, I realized that most of them were crap. I was just getting into the Animation industry about the time when the whole ‘Image comics’ thing happened, and in my opinion, it signaled the end of well written, well drawn books. Storytelling as an art was forgotten, the ability to actuaqlly write (not an artist writing the damn comic) was ignored, and the colorist was usually some punk kid who over-colored every minute detail of the page. So,… yeah, I get kinda sad when I talk about it now (Old man that I am!)
I actually teach on the side now, Life drawing, and animation, and I see so many kids with dreams of becoming comic book artists who can;t really draw, just duplicate these terrible poses that they have seen in comic pages. Damn shame, I actually have some original artwork from my old ‘heroes’ framed on my walls,… and I guarantee that not too many ‘fans’ can even identify these artists.

Mighty Stu: you mean, you have original works by (any of the following): Ernie Colon, Jack “King” Kirby, Dick Giordano, Howard Chaykin, Gil Kane, Bernie Wrightson, Art Adams, Moebius, Richard Corben, Frazetta, Walter Simonson, Alex Toth… or even, Michael Kalutta, any of the Kuberts, John Byrne???

I guess that means I do indeed have a interest in comic books. And oh yeah, I love boxing. And football. And coffee. And beer. And Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And ALIAS (the TV show, NOT the comic book). OH, and the upcoming LoTR: The Two Towers! woo hoo!!!!!

Uhhhh… I thought girls like you were a comic store myth that fanboys just made up to feel cool. Nice to see that there are girls who actually exist that read stuff besides girls shoujo manga and appreciate the greats (Ahhhh the mighty Kirby)

I agree with you on Image throwing the whole industry out the friggin window. Everyone praises Todd Mcfarlane as revolutionizing the industry, when in my opinion he damn near killed it. Sure he got more people into comics back there in the early 90’s with flashy covers and art, but the stories were like I gave my dog a crayon and figured out what he wrote down and made it into a plotline. Uhhh, actually I think my dog could make a better plot or line than those bastards. Remember death of Superman, god that was awful!! No wonder he died, with the friggin loser justice league of the time like Blue Beetle and Booster Gold and Maxima god tha was sickening. If the Justice League of Old with Hal Jordan or even Allan Scott and Batman and Wonder Woman would have taken the place of that “Loser League” as I call them, Doomsday wouldn’t have got 2 feet. Oh, and for the record Stu, although I am only 26, I have a great collection of comics from days gone by (good runs from 1965 and up). The days when the industry was good. Currently the industry is getting better though with artists like Alex Ross going to a more classic style of character and writers like Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Kevin Smith having a lot of pull in the industry. They are trying to bring the prestige back to comics and although they will never erase that dark era of comics, thay are gonna do their damned best to bury it.
Well, now that I am a complete dork and might get flamed for this, I will reply…FLAME ON!!

Comics are cool. So are you, for that matter, for coming back here after the drubbing you received on that last thread. Kudos.

I’m glad to hear someone else put down Todd McFarlane’s work. I don’t like his work and hated how he was so popular and ruinng comics at the same time. Currently the industry is putting out a lot of good stuff and far less crap than lets say comics of 10 years ago. I think the early writers of Vertigo deserve a lot of the credit for bringing good writing back to comics. Waid and Busiek are great at the “classic” superhero stories. James Robinson and to a far lesser extent Geoff Johns have showed that that the golden age is cool and always has been cool. Ennis has brought comedy, war stories, and style back to comics. There’s numerous other guys (and gals) in the field who deserve a lot of credit too.