No one here seems to like wraps?

MPettyj—that is w/ a close supinated grip. I think my best was 60lbX5reps. That was during a strength cycle when I was doing 3/4 deads w/ 350 or so for reps. Those really helped w/ my back strength—and grip too. My best with a medium pronated is around 35lbX6reps or so. Don’t feel bad—everyone has those one or two exercises that they excel in. My pushing structure is pathetic. I watch other people do benches or military press and I feel like a total panzy-ass.

Grip work

Nice stats ladies and gentlemen. You all gave me a good insight on what has worked for you. This forum is awesome, it’s kind of like being able to walk up to any person in the gym who seems to know their shit and just ask away. I think I’m gonna stick with the wraps when pulling over 300+ and on my off days work Old School Grip Training.