No one here seems to like wraps?

My wrists are thin (6.5 in) in addition or maybe as a results of this my grip sucks the snotty end. It always gives out before my lowerback/hams in deadlifts; before my back in pullups, and even effects some of my dumbell presses when I am feeling shot. Point being, wouldn’t it be more effective to use wraps when necessary in these lifts to further hypertrophy, while at the same time bringing my “bitch wrists” and “girly grip” up to par.

I had the worst grip strength in the world until about 5 years ago. I started doing a lot of dead-hangs after I finished back and arm work. Just hang on the bar as long as you can (I did an average of three “sets” of hangs). Doing this after my forearms and grip were already toast really worked wonders. I can do chins now with 50 or 60lbs without straps and only have to use them when I do heavy deads (over 300lbs). It takes time and focused effort but it can be done—believe me.

CT himself weighed in recently on this very question…

Go to Lair of the Ice Dog, not quite half way down.


I use wrist wraps on shrugs only…My wrists can’t hold over 315, so I definitely use them so I can do some more serious weights…

I used to use them on back, but as I’ve gotten stronger, I haven’t needed to use them like I used to.

How are you bringing your bitch wrists up to par by not using them?

Bringing your grip up doesn’t have to be a long process. You could consider dedicating a few days a week to grip work and it might only take you a few weeks to get them up to where you don’t need wraps. I was having problems a few months ago when my deadlift suddenly spiked up in poundage and everything was working great except for my grip. I started doing deadlift walks and would put 2 or 3 plates a side on and do figure eights around the gym until my grip failed (there are many, many exercises you can do). After only 3 days of this, my grip was up to the job again.

This place across the street from where I used to work has the best breakfast wraps - a soft tortilla filled with eggs, cheese, sausage, ham, bacon, and creole sauce…

Sorry, wrong kind of wrap. Guess who’s cutting.

I’ve never used wraps in my life, but I still have puny little forearms. I feel cheated.

Jared, there’s a place by us that makes their own tortilla wraps. My favorite is the “roasted tomato” flavored wrap…mmmmmm.

Oh, wrist wraps have their place. For instance, if your arms are taking over much of your back work, use straps. Also, I use my straps for the one rep PRs’ and for heavy (275lbs), shrugs.

And if you ever saw my tiny, tiny hands, you’d realize why I do use straps and do plenty of grip work.

Pick up heavy weight.


Grow stronger.

I had a letter printed in Reader Mail about this topic. My grip is such that I couldn’t hold the weight I use for deads/shrugs for one rep. I was worried that ditching the straps would limit the weight I would use on these lifts, as it could take a while to be able to hold the weight.

The response was to use the straps on the heavy weights, but to do grip-specific exercizes.

Read Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik

i second the notion about the dead hangs. do Real Grip Work after every workout-even if it is only a few sets.

get yourself a 2" piece of pvc pipe and make a wrist roller.

Get John Brookfields book Mastery of Hand Strength.

Do Farmer’s Walk Heavy-untill I puke


that is all

I have only started using wraps recently (yesterday) for deads 320 5X8-12. The wraps only take the load when my grip gives out so it isn’t like my forearms/grip isn’t getting used. Furthermore, like I said, but not clearly enough, I plan to use the wraps when needed and do a specialization routine to bring things up to par on my off days. Dead hangs are a good idea too I think I’ll do them after dead day, might help decompress my spine. I’ll check that thread out Lisa thanks.

Straps are good equipment for certain things. You should never make up for a lack of grip strength, however, doing things like t-bar rows with straps seems to allow me to isolate my back 100% more than “normal”. My forearms, biceps and shoulders are there but I find myself really focusing on back because the tension is off on my assisting muscles.

Try that hanging thing for a while, a strong grip is going to be good no matter what you are doing.

Talking of straps what about the hooks now that seems like a waist to me. No grip strenght needed

Wraps: Used to support or “warm up” knees, wrists and elbows. Recommended by Ian King.

Straps: Used to wrap around a bar to make up for grip strength.

Just clarifying. Seems to be some confusion here.

Yes tek you are correct, my error.

Rathman, you can do chins with 50-60 extra lbs?

Do you actually mean chins (palms facing you, close-grip) or is it pull-ups?

Don’t worry, I’m not harrassing you, just trying to see if i’m a big girl.

Since you said heavy deadlifts are 300+ for, that’s about the same for me.

But I sure as hell can’t do pull-ups (wide grip, palms facing away) with 60 lbs strapped on.

So, just looking for some clarification on what you are actually doing, cause reading your post made me feel like nothing but estrogen was flowing through my veins!



I used to have a problem with my wrists being really weak. I’d say they’re still probably a limiting factor in some of my exercises. But ever since I stopped using straps for chins, pullups and preacher curls, my ability to lift in all three have gone way up. My wrists have been forced to get stronger. Whether or not I use straps for my Deadlifts doesn’t seem to make a difference, but I think that’s because I’m sorta new to the lift, and am still working on the movement, not the weights.

TEK i was just about to correct everyone. There is a big difference in the terminology there.

Ah, geez. Oh okay.

I do use straps for my dead 1-2 rep maxes.

Wraps for strongman training; especially in push press, Farmer walks, and anything else that could possibly screw up my wrists.

That cool?