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No OHP Day in Krypteia Phase 2?

Hey all,

I’ve recently finished up the BBB challenge (was certainly a challenge, but glad I completed it!), and about to finish my FSL anchor. Moving forward I wanted something a little different, and something that gets me in and out the gym a little quicker. I then came across Krypteia in the Forever book.

This is more just my curiosity for my understanding than anything, and I will certainly not alter the routine as written. What is the reason for the OHP day being dropped from phase 2 on wards? Is this because supplement work is raised, and assistance work is pushed?

Looking forward to starting Krypteia next week. I have a holiday coming up in a few months so feel a Krypteia style program will work well for getting me into shape for it!


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I think it may be simply the philosophy of the program: trim everything possible and really get after what’s left. The entire program, from the second phase on, had me doing only: BP, DL, Squat, weighted dips, weighted pull ups, goblet squats, and DB straight leg DL’s . That’s only seven exercises for 2+ months of workouts. You read many programs that have you do well more than that each workout. I really liked the simplified approach, and had great results from it. Much of the results were in performance: if you play sports or are active you will feel fast, spry, and strong. Also, the program is tough but doesn’t leave you beat up.


  1. Keep up the conditioning. Do 2-3 days a week of it.
  2. Mobility is important. Do some prior to each workout (agile 8 or similar) and I also like a day dedicated to a longer session, like yoga.
  3. Don’t add anything to the workouts. Save the extra curls, lunges, etc… for your next program.
  4. Don’t start with too high a TM. The assistance is hard, and is to be pushed. Don’t start too high and grind away with your main work.
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Because the Krypteia program was written for London HS football and done with the exercises that handle the heaviest weights. Many kids in HS cannot press a barbell or if they can, it is only an empty barbell.

If you perform the program with 100% discipline, your press will not suffer.