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No Obese People In MMA Gyms....


I'm just venting here, I train jujitsu, and I am somewhat portly myself. But I'm getting damn tired of getting 400 lb lap dances with stretch mark whales when I'm trying to roll.
It gets all my fucking gi soaked in goddamn lard grease, they usually smell like shit because they eat too much junk food, and I don't think filling my mouth, nose and ears with misplaced blubber is a goddamn legal submission.

I'm strong, but I'm prolly 25% bf so I'm not a Saint myself in this respect. But I'm not obese, I weigh less than 230 and wrestle guys my own size. Also, I am CUTTING weight, most of these fat guys come to the gym, and are there for a year and NEVER lose weight. They compete in like jujitsu matces that look like sumo competitions.

I'm just saying, I don't hate humongous fatties, but honestly, can we have some standards here? I mean these are guys tat wouldn't be allowed on any other sports team, or military/law enforcement organization, so why don't they put a fitness cap in MMA gyms? You have to be able to do so many pullups, run a mile etcetera. Jesus...

Do these guys really need to be training MMA? They are never going to win a fight against anyone, because they'll die of a heart attack first, and in their current state they're not going to get into MMA, too unfit and unhealty. They just need to cut weighth and get fit before pursuing MMA.

I guess it really wouldn't bother me, if I weren't always getting paired with these dudes.


I totally agree. I'm one of the bigger guys in my gym at 210, which means I always get paired up against the fatties. There's one guy in particular that drives me nuts. He's 325 pounds of nasty. The thing that bugs me isn't that he's fat, it's that he's still just as fat or fatter than he was when he started almost 2 years ago.

I was really fat when I started, a little over a year ago, at 275 pounds but made it a priority to drop the weight in part so I wouldn't crush everyone else. I don't have a problem with fat guys joining the gym, but I think it's inexcusable and disrespectful for them to stay fat.

Also, when I was really big, and even now when I roll with smaller guys, I always "rolled light" never really using my weight. The fatty at my gym will literally flop his belly on your head until you tap. God I hate that guy!


Sounds like your BJJ is weak.

You should be taking the backs of the fat guys.

Fat guys can stall out, sure. If they just get in your guard and pin you, that's a pain.

Learn some transitions. Pull guard. Then take their back from the guard.

Then again, at 25% bf and 230 pounds, you're probably not very mobile.

Lose that fat and you won't have any problem dusting the fatties.


Your post is selfish and bitter on a million different planes.

They can, like you, learn whatever the fuck they want. If you don't like it, go to another school. You are there for a shared passion for a martial art, not so all the in shape people can hump each other and pat each other on the back.

Maybe you should find another sport. Like badminton, or fishing.


Yeah what you only wanna wrestle around on the floor with really in shape guys who smell good huh. Sounds kind of .......


25% bf @ 230lbs

funny I'd be calling you the fatty...


Hey I've trained BJJ for the last two years and have been slowly gaining weight for the last 9 months. I started at about 240lb @ 17% went down as low as 205 @ 10% and now have gone up to 260lb @ 20%. So I've been all over the shop. My best rolling was when I was down to about 8-9% BF though and I was smashing guys that had 5" and 80lbs on me.

Like someone here said stop whinging and start improving your game.

I'm not sure how someone can get a submission with misplaced fat. Maybe they're just better than you. In the end even if you have two lean people some are strong, some fast, some smart, everyone has a mixture and you use what you have.

I'm not here to stick up for people being lazy and not losing weight. If you have a problem with how someone rolls then don't roll with them. If they ask why, be a man and tell them why. We've had guys told to go elsewhere at our school because they hurt people. It depends on teh culture you and your school want to create.

In all seriousness, I'd consider 25% obese anyway so maybe these guys are morbidly obese or whatever, but you certainly aren't healthy. Your post basically says that anyone looking to try and get healthy, or get into an enjoyable sport should look elsewhere because you don't want to roll people any fatter than you are. I'm sure if you weren't on the internet doing this you'd be a lot quieter.


Well, that's the other thing...


You get paired with them because while those guys are a round (is that a pun?)over 220 lb guys are fairly rair. you are next in line in weight.


I prefer larger sparring partners. Because generally speaking in a bar situation it's going to be someone looking to push me around.

Smaller guy is just going to want to strike. unless it's some wannabe with a gun or knife. So like everyone else said suck it up and deal, or go somewhere else.

And keep in mind martial arts is about improving oneself, not talking trash about people behind their back.


Yeah! What is there problem?! Trying to take up a sport to get in shape and lose fat...Silly fatties, MMA is for skinny people!


I do take the back, it just gets bothersome, having a 400 deadlift and still not being able to bridge out.

Ya, and like I said I do take the back, all the time on the hippos, chokes are the main way I'm able to best them.

And yes, I've been called a fatty when I spar with 160-170 lb guys...but were not talking an almost 200 lb size different between us.

It's really alot different when you weigh 220 something, and you're sparing a guy who weighs 390 something, in a tumbling match with bad leverage. That is like you're weight, plus a whole nother full grown man, on top of you.

Believe me in striking or even wrestling it wouldn't bother me, but in the noble art of sloth wrestling known as jujutsu...where leverage is hard to come by. It can be quite frustrating. Especially when I look like I've been standing out in the rain for an hour, after 5 minutes of rolling, because my partner's water broke.


Nothing is better than a fat keyboard Ninja.

Please refrain from using the word "train"
that is for serious students.

Most of the people who responded do actually train and not complain.


I'm 175lbs and I had to roll a whole semester with a couple of big 'ol guys like that, and not once did I complain. Not once did I cry about it, and I wasn't even good enough to take their back, and it was no gi.

I say you quit your bitching. You don't seem to mind with rolling with guys 100lbs lighter than you so why care when rolling with guys 100lbs heavier. If they really are. I think you're just getting whipped and pissing and moaning about it.


Oh really? Being a 175 lb. guy, I could tell you right now it would bother the fuck out of me if I was boxing with someone weighing 390. Or 220.


yeah bro i get that your upset if the guy is really huge,i use to do jj too and im a big guy but for me the heavyweights at the gym were all 250+ me bein the heaviest at 290 then..but hey atleast the fat tub of lard is tryin to do something


yeah and what beershoes said is true quit complaining man..if anything it make taking the lighter big guys down alot easier


I was sparring a guy 300lbs in boxing. Me being 202lbs. Man his stance was SO wide omg I tried so hard to be on the outside of his foot, but it was just too hard..and going toe to toe with him, much harder too because I don't usually spar with 300lb men lol.
Other than that though, once I moved around quite a bit I was pickin my shots off and my speed really helped me out here.


I was sparring a guy 300lbs in boxing. Me being 202lbs. Man his stance was SO wide omg I tried so hard to be on the outside of his foot, but it was just too hard..and going toe to toe with him, much harder too because I don't usually spar with 300lb men lol.
Other than that though, once I moved around quite a bit I was pickin my shots off and my speed really helped me out here.


It is different from boxing, because they can use all the mass to smother you/take you down, after that, it's very hard to get out from the bottom. It is especially bad if you do not have a technique/strength advantage on them. The only guys to tap me in recent times have been guys who have 50-60 lbs on me. But it's part of the game and you have to deal with it!