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No Nut November

Who’s in?

I think am going to try.

How does that work?

“Hey boys, I know you masturbate a lot. Shoot, I probably masturbate more than you!.. but we have to break this cycle, just for one month. So that on December 1st , we can enjoy a super O, maybe even a few in a row.”

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I think there’s something with having will power. Idk

I would be unbearably horny by day 2. By day 3 I would be eyeing up the geriatrics at the grocery store.

Did you hear the one about the guy who caught his son jerking off?

He said, son, you keep that up and you’ll go blind.

Son said, dad! I’m over here!


My wife would be happy…I annoy the f at of her everyday.

I am every bit as committed to No Nut November as I was to Sober October.


I can’t believe this beta cuck shit is making an encore.


I think the wife and I finished up after midnight. So… I failed November before I could even learn about this. Why do I fear succes?

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I’m saving my willpower for No Dump December.


That can’t be healthy

I think this “challenge” only applies to fap-aholics

There are a lot of benefits besides health, like knowing you finished something you set out to do, and living your best life type stuff.

I’m surprised it isn’t a hash tag already.

I … really don’t think you understand how the body functions…like at all.

Sadly. #metoo

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You’re using science to oppress me.

…and what’s your point?

There is no emogee to adequately or appropriately express my next thought, so I’m going to have to let this riff die.

Breaks my heart - but I respect your decision. 'till next time, what is dead my never die (I don’t know … seemed appropriate)

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I’m in.


Damnit. Looks like I’m out guys.


I thought this thread was about not eating nuts… then I read it… :laughing: