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No Nonsense Nutrition Question

I have recently purchased the no nonsense nutrition dvd from Dr. Berardi and am wondering how to make changes to the diet he outlines on the DVD to coincide with Waterbury’s quattro dynamo program using MAG-10 for weeks 2 & 3 as per his suggestion.

I know I have to increase calories to get the most benefit from the MAG-10, but should I just throw out the ideas of the dvd for 2 weeks and follow massive eating diet or somehow keep the ideas of the dvd and add in calories? Any suggestions on how to do this?

Tampa-terry, what do you think?

Hey, Pete!

There isn’t any reason that you couldn’t have the best of all worlds. You can use the recipes in JB’s Gourmet Nutrition as you please.

Since you’re going to be doing a MAG-10 cycle, I’d recommend the following:

2-Week “On” Cycle

  • Protein = 1.5g to 2g x TBW
  • Fat = As low as possible; EFAs only
  • Carbs = 2g x TBW

The caloric intake above should be higher than your normal maintenance calories. If not, increase carbs slightly.

Meet your EFA requirements. Purchase the leanest cuts of meat possible. Use egg whites intead of eggs. Make sure you’re getting your fish oil and/or flaxseed oil.

To meet the carb requirements above, you’re going to need to choose from startchier, lower-fiber carbs, less green veggies. Whole wheat and sprouted bread (Ezekiel, Mana), whole wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes and yams are all good choices.

Use protein shakes when you have no other choice and to help you meet your protein requirements. Get up in the middle of the night and have a shake if you need to. But make sure the majority of your protein is the kind you have to chew, and also make sure you’re getting a variety of protein.

2-Week “Off” Cycle

  • Protein = 1g x TBW
  • Fat = .4g x TBW
  • Carbs = 1g to 1.5g x TBW

Carb choices when you’re “off” should include more green veggies, higher fiber carbs, including beans and fruit. Save starchy carbs for PWO only. The “off” cycle is a maintenace cycle. You should not try to cut or lean out. Let your body stabilize.

So as I said above, re JB’s Gourmet Nutrition, just pick meals that help you meet your needs. It’s not a case of either/or.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes! (grin)