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No New Articles Since Thursday?


Hey all,

Am I doing something wrong? There hasn't been a new article on here since Thursday the 16th


They put up two on Thursday and the mass one was supposed to be Friday's. They just haven't put up today's yet. They will.


I don't know that one of those articles was "supposed to" be for Friday, but today's article, 2-A-day Training for Radical Gains, did appear shortly after this thread was created:



The daily T-Nation article is like coffee for me


Man,.. I remember logging in on Friday mornings (many moons ago) anxious for all sorts of new info. Sometimes I'd be awake too early, and have to keep refreshing my browser. Good times, good times :slightly_smiling:



Same here. Good times indeed, Stu.


lol I've still got my old print magazines, the free promotional posters that were sent out many years ago, as well as an email reply I got from TC in 2001 :smiley: