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No Muscle at Rear Delt


Try training your rear delts?

You cant start by adopting an established program and training hard and with intensity. Don’t forget to eat too.

It feels like there is zero muscle tissue there, I am worried it is something other than just lack of muscle, maybe stunted growth because the front of my shoulder is far more developed yet I always work rear delt when I work shoulders.

on shoulder days I have started doing:
dumbell rows
barbell rows
rear delt flies

As well as other shoulder excersizes like Military press, dumbell shoulder press etc, so hopefully it will even out.

I never ache in the shoulders like I do in the legs and arms and back

nope, you have zero muscle tissue all over

you have zero muscle tissue everywhere

This thread has provided me a few lulz tonight. Thanks.

On a side note, I just took my first math class and learned how to add and subtract. How come I can’t do multivariable calculus yet?!! Am I just genetically predisposed to suck at math? Am I not smart guys?

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LOL, If you guys were in a boxers camp you would be the real life equivelent of uncle paulie :smiley:

From the looks of it, you’re just small everywhere, as others said. Not saying don’t worry about rear delts, I’m saying you need more SIZE, and as long as you keep hitting rear delts hard as you gain weight, I think you’ll be fine.

What do you do fro rear delts?

I went vegan to lose alot of weight so that can not of helped the muscle issue.

@hungry4more: this is the routine me and my mate will be doing this week


Chest and arms

Incline press @ 3 sets
Flat bench @ 3 sets
Decline bench @ 3 sets
Chest flies @ 3 sets
Tricep dips @ 3 sets
Overhead tricep extensions @ 3 sets
One arm tricep cable pull downs @ 3 sets
Seated dumbbell curls @ 3 sets
EZ bar curls @ 3 sets
Bicep cable curl @ 3 sets
Seated hammer curls @ 3 sets

Tuesday BJJ


[quote]kakno wrote:

mushroom, mushroom!

lol, made me think of the badger song.

OP, that routine you just posted has nothing for rear delts in it, so why did you post it? Has nothing to do with my question, or yours.

no one’s mentioned the long distance cardio. drop that if you want more muscle. Nothing looks weird in your picture, you just look like you don’t work out.

As everyone else has said, just get bigger everywhere first. But congrats on losing that amount of weight!

[repeating everything already said, just with a slight rewording so as to appear original]

[quote]DixiesFinest wrote:
[repeating everything already said, just with a slight rewording so as to appear original][/quote]

Sorry for not being original enough :slight_smile:

It was actually his weight loss that struck me tho - 70Ib is a hell of a lot of fat to lose.

I was driving past my gym, and at the stop light there was a guy behind me shakin up some protien…DOWNIN HIS PREWORKOUT SUPPS.


OP you just do the 6 week Insanity (Insane Asylum) Workout program like this guy and your rear delts will get very much jacked, and you will be muscular all over. (even your penor)

Lead by example.

You do 11 exercises in one day? Damn man, that must take a long time.

One thing about that picture: Your taking a picture of your rear delt when it’s pretty stretched out. You’re not going to see much like that. Just think: look at your biceps when you flex it with a bent elbow (like everyone thinks of when they flex their bicep) then keep your arm straight and flex it. I guarantee the elbow bent flex makes your bicep much bigger. So that picture is a really bad picture to determine how developed your rear delt is.

That said, you have pretty much no muscle all over. Get bigger, and when you do rear delt work make sure you actually feel the muscle. Don’t just do the movement and hope it’s getting stimulated.

for some reason the post only half came out, I put down my 3 day split but only chest and arms came out ??

Think a moderator was sassing me lol.