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No Motivation..


No motivation. i was like this before i went on vacation for a week and thought not lifting would help but i feel more unmotivated than before. just in general, no motivation to wake up/sleep early, eat/cook meals, to lift, to research. it sucks cause i'm normally a very driven person (in powerlifting and life). i guess part of it has been do to my injury to my leg. nothing serious, but enough to frustrate me and just make me want to quit. that and my form/focus while lifting has been sloppy and i just feel like giving up. it's strange, i go a full blown 10 on the motivation scale to a 1. suggestions anyone??


It sounds like you still want it but just can't find the energy. Did anything else bad/traumatic besides the leg injury happen? Are in pain? Possibly hormone related. Does this affect any other aspect of your life? If so may want to get screened for depression if persisted for this long. Depression is not uncommon among injured athletes.


How serious was the injury?


Are there other physical activities you enjoy? Maybe take some time away from lifting to enjoy those. When I get mental burnout from lifting I go for the kayak and bikecycles for a week or two and forget about lifting.


Did you enjoy your vacation and not spend the whole time worrying about what you're lifting would be like when you got back? That ruin the whole point of a vacation.


the injury wasn't serious by anything. just a nagging pain in my pectineus/hip flexor region. enough pain to not be able to squat. i mean that's frustrating as hell but other than that im not really stressing about anything. that and ive just been having shitty work outs, my focus isnt there and i just dont feel on top of my game. usually when i walk in the gym that switch flips and im in the zone, but i just cant get in that zone. i go through phases where my goals and my drive goes out the window and i just stop giving a fuck about lifting. im praying it comes back lol.


Try doing something new. That always gets me excited. Or fletch could be right and you simply need another break.


well as my leg is getting better i feel the drive start to come back. slowly but surely lol.


Then your lack of motivation was probably just disappointment from not being able to give it your all?


Like most things in life, this shit is 99% mental. Then .9% discipline, and .1% actual strength. You will go through periods like this. This actually happens to me quite often. Westside has helped a lot because it really breaks up the monotony (spell check) of training. I get bored easy. When I get bored I get depressed and completely stop putting forth effort into anything. The key for me is to never get bored with training. I hear you about the injury, I have recently torn 2 muscles in my leg and I have been very limited in what I can lift. This has just opened doors to use new variations, new methods, and to work on some stuff I have neglected. Once this thing has healed, I should be putting up some freaky numbers.

Anyway, the moral of the story, I don't even think motivation matters that much. I think discipline is key. Hope this helped. And always remember: How you feel is a lie.


yeah I hear you. It's slowly coming back though lol. Good luck with your recovery.


If a lifter is going to rely on feeling motivated prior to each and every workout; they are going have a difficult time in the long run. Whenever I talk to lifters or see a thread like this I'm always confused. When did people get the idea that the way they feel about things makes a difference in how they should act. You train because it's time to train, that's what a lifter does.


Maybe like others have said, it's time to change up a little. When this happens to me, I back off the poundage a bit and go for speed for a week or two. Recently I even exclusively did an olympic lifting routine for 3 weeks (Dan John's beginners program) and it worked like a charm to reset my mental state. I actually couldn't wait to get back to deadlifts and squats. Good luck.

@StormTheBeach and BlueCollar, great stuff.


Blue collar: very good point, I mean I'll never get to the point where I skip days.


Damn my mom told me this once.


what exactly does that mean? ive been playing it back and my head and cant think of an answer lol.


I don't mean to imply that training partners are always necessary for success but when the morale gets low or you're hurt it really helps to have a group to fall back on to get your head in it and to make you feel like you're part of a group which relies in whatever capacity on you as a member and is better for your being in it. If you train solo you're a lot more of a badass than I am but trying to find positive and driven local lifters might be just the thing to get the fire back in your belly. It also really helps to talk to an athlete who has had similar injury problems especially when it's big enough to prevent you from squatting. A little time off has also done many guys a lot of good as well and lets them come back healthy and strong. It sounds like you still have some fire going for lifting you just need a nudge in a positive direction, whether that is finding a new environment or training partners or whatever you don't sound like you're wanting or willing to quit.

You can't squat right now and that sucks, but if nothing else you can make your bench fucking awesome and frighten bros and impress bitches far and wide.

Get better man, the bar will still be there when you're healthy enough to get under it and rape gravity.


Nothing relevant to this thread. Just recalling something my mother told me once.


Ponder this for a moment: Feelings are thoughts, and thoughts are decisions.


ok, i get it now lol