No Motivation After Maxing Out. Overreaching?

This summer i ran 2 smolov jr on squat and 1 for bench and man im I suddenly lost the urge to squat, havent squatted in 4 weeks, just maxed in my bench so dont know yet.

I did set some decent prs, but i feel so drained and lost a lot of strength in my legs already.

Did I overreach? I feel like no motivation to hit the gym atm lol

The funny thing is in another thread i wrote how one could cycle the rep scheme of smolov at less weights for ever loll.

Probably just not ready for that program, depending on your diet and recovery. All things revolve around recovery.

Personally, I find most Russian programming contains far too much volume for my body. I’ve done it with very little success. Probably because it’s generally a cookie cutter program that doesn’t take into account each session and how the weight moves.

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You’re not overtrained; sounds like you just don’t feel like lifting. Maybe you need to pick a goal or something to motivate you.

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If it’s just no motivation to go to the gym then no you didn’t over reach or over train or fry your CNS or any other such things.

It’s just you not wanting to train. Everyone hits that at some point, you either take time off and enjoy life or you go anyhow and keep enjoying life.

Csulli makes a valid point, do you have any goals? Certain total, finally want a 405 bench? 600 dead? Do 315 squats for 20?

Or just get big and jacked? Motivation gets you started but shouldn’t be what keeps you going. If you need constant motivation to go to the gym then maybe you should switch to a physical activity you enjoy a bit more and doesn’t feel like a job.

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Try this. Throw on your favorite action movie while you drink pre workout and only watch the good scenes. Rocky movies are always a classic. Give it a shot see if it works for ya. I do it everyday.

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I think the point is to be messed up after a Special Peaking Plan. You push performance so hard, that when you reach the end, performance drops off.

So you start with the opposite of a peaking plan. You get some lighter work in. Build the base wider.

Also, I think its just a given that Russian programs are based on a “training max.” Almost like it’s so understood, they don’t even mention it. In the US a lot of PL schemes are based on a theoretical meet lift that you want to hit in the future.

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