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No Morning Wood, No Libido...


I've had problems with erections and erections morning to months, about eight months more precisely .. erections morning I had not since the problem began.
was using 0.25mg / day anastrozole (but was manipulated, do not know whether to trust the) and did not notice any improvement in erections ..

but then I decided to start a cycle (which will continue as blast n cruse (or TRT, whatever you want to call it)

I used 500mg/week of an underground testosterone and an underground aromasin for 3~4 weeks and have not noticed any improvement in erections, so I again exams and my testosterone was in 1200 and my estradiol in 58 .. because it is a testosterone enanthate, it became clear that it was "subdosed/fake".. should be in 2000~3000, so I decided to change the aromasin by anastro of pharmacy 1mg/day, and in 1 or 2 days I used it with my testosterone in 1200, my morning erections returned AFTER 8 MONTHS. Continued using the subdosed testosterone and anastrozole 1 mg / day, after 7 days and I took my estradiol was <10 except I only went to get the result over 7 days, or even with zero or near zero estradiol I had the morning erections (who had not had for a long time)

But then I stopped with subdosed testosterone and started with 600mg/week cypionate (original) and stopped with anastro .. in a few days I have lost my erections morning, then redid take estradiol and after only 2 applications of testosterone pharmacy (cypionate), my estradiol was 127!

I went back to take 1 mg/day of anastro, is already am in the seventh day and not returned the morning erections .. I think that is very aromatization and 1mg not holding, as my morning erections did not return as the other time ..

But I was talking to a guy well known in a matter of hormones here in Brazil and he said probably my estradiol is zero with 1mg of anastro even with testo 600 mg per week .. he said that 0.5 eod is enough to control 600mg test/week. .. but I do not believe it because as I said .. my morning erections did not return as before

I estradiol tests but shall go take one week, plan to buy letrozole, what do you think?

because it is very strange when my testosterone was in 1200 and used 1mg anastro i have the morning erections again (after 8 months)
now that my testo probably be in 3000 ~ 4000 I used 1mg anastro a day and did not return .. on the same time last with <10 estradiol I still had morning erections, it is possible I have spent these <10 to not have erections ?


Anastrozole dose needs to match bio-available T levels. So your friend is not correct, but his idea of control is probably not E2=22pg/ml but some bro-science like not having gyno.


Is the extra testosterone really worth losing your dick over? Quit the drugs until your more educated or dont use them at all.


I do not know if I understand very well what you mean, KSman .. Do you think 1mg per day anastro this being little or a lot to 600mg / week testosterone? I switch to letrozole?

Do you believe that E2 = 22 is ideal for any level of testosterone? For example, if this testo in 1200 or 4000 must be estradiol 22?

Give me reasons to not use 600mg / week of testo .. If my problem is estradiol both my testo being in 1200 or in 4000 I would have to use remedies for estradiol, just change the dose ..

So in theory .. If I further increase my testosterone and estradiol control, what are the reasons of my problem does not improve?


E2-22pg/ml seems to be a good target in a TRT context. Lower levels lead to joint, mood, energy and libido problems. Higher levels lead to mood, energy,libido problems as well as some general intolerance and bitchiness.

You seem hell bent to not want to hear some of the messages here.

Letro can be harsh and dose/response is not predicable.

If you take more T, you need more anastrozole as it is a competitive drug, competes with T at aromatase reaction sites. Try 1mg three times per week. That might not be enough, but if you take E2 too low, you will not be happy. If you read the stickies, you will see that some are anastrozole over-responders who then need to take 1/4th the expected doses. Read up and understand.