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No Morning Wood and Lower Libido on (Prescribed) Cabergoline

Prescribed caber to help with my pituitary adenoma and symptoms (ED, diminishing libido). Prolactin has tested between 20-30 (range of 5-17) but recently spiked to 78 on one test.

Last year, I tried .25mg/week of caber (split into 2 doses), and it seemed to diminish my libido.

Asked another endo, found prescence of macroprolacitn, with monomeric (actual) prolactin being around 7. However, new (3rd) endo thinks most endos treat total prolactin if there are symptoms.

This year, I decided to get serious about it, and try again. New endo suggests .5mg/week (one dose) to bring my prolactin down and bring my FSH up a little (currently 3.8). Side effects have been really minimal if at all! However, I haven’t really had morning wood since, and my libido is, well, shot.

I took Cialis the other night and had sex, and hold shit did I last a LOT longer than normal. I would think that the low prolactin would do the opposite.

What the hell is going on? The super libido boosting drug is wrecking my libido, morning wood, and possibly making me last forever in bed. To further prove my point, I try to practice nofap (esp to porn) and I’ve gone a week without even trying now on caber.

The only twist I’ll say is that I took caffeine and modafinil Saturday night, and used some nicotine (vaped). But this was all happening last week as well.

I can supply test results if it’d help. Total T is about 580, free T % is around 1.7%. New endo said she would like to see my T/FT a little higher but it’s nothing to worry about.

Hey man, can you update on what happened? Did you continue to take caber? I’m in the same act situation as you. My prolactin was only slightly high at 21 and had an MRI which confirmed a small prolactinoma. Endo told me to take caber but I held off for a bit. Strangely my testosteone levels are pretty solid so I’m confused

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I went in back in 2010 with a lo libido and felt like shit…Endo put me on .25 Cabergoline spit into twice per week…also put me on 200mg TRT…Prolactin was orig around 35-40 now i’m down to 11. I weaned myself off the TRT back around 2yrs ago and my T level stays pretty good my most recent labs put me at Total Test of 629…Free and weekly of 172.
Only thing I take now is Cabergoline as prescribed and I feel amazing Strong drive and no ED WHAT SO EVER.

Happy to. I haven’t tried it again since. I’ve been offered bromocriptine, but I’ve been afraid to try it.

I’ve read a ton of research, and talked to other doctors since. Apparently some people have slightly elevated prolactin, and nobody knows why. Also, ask to be checked for macroprolactin - your “actual” prolactin may be lower, and the rest is supposedly inactive.

Happy to hear caber works for you. What was your original T and Free T?

Don’t remember free but total was 202 if I remember correctly