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No More Tren


Hey guys & gals, sorry I havn't posted in awhile but I have a couple questions. I'm in my 3rd week of my off cycle and looking to construct my next bulking cycle. I just finished the following 6 week cycle:

Sust- 500mg a week
Tren- 600mg a week
D-bol- 350mg a week

I had tremendous results but have not quite hit my total goal. (Side Note: Yes, I have my anti's)
The 2 questions I have are should I run another 6 week or possibly run it at 8? Also, my source for tren is currently out of stock, so are there any recommendations on what my next stack and dosage should be. I would like to keep some sort of test/sust in the mix. But it looks like Tren is not going to be a part of my next cycle. I have access to just about anything so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


replace your tren with EQ


A few suggestions:

  1. Frontload your Sustanon and extend the overall cycle to 8 weeks.

  2. Make your OWN Tren/Fina.

I personally used to HATE Tren. Every product I've purchased never gave me the results everyone used to rave about. Until I came here almost a year ago. I made my first batch of homebrew Tren and never looked back.


Yeah, front loading seems like a good idea. I'd leave the equip aside since it's not similar to tren, actually it's more like deca or laurabolin. Also I'd even go as far as extending the cycle to 10 weeks, but that's just me, I'm kind of kamikaze about it.