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No More Than 65g of Protein a Day


Stumbled upon this gem of an article this morning, please enjoy:


All you T-Nationers are dangerously unhealthy (and apparently bad for the environment)!!!

Sadly, a lot of people will read this article and feel happily justified with their grocery carts full of chips and ice cream.


Never realized that the whopping 9g of protein in 2 Tbsp of peanut butter was viewed as a 'single serving or protein'.... explains why the general public looks like crap.



Yeah, I saw that article on the yahoo main page and didn't even bother clicking on it. I knew I'd get pissed. LOL at 1 egg being a single serving size of protein.


More and cheaper meat/protein for us!


Damnit! You beat me! Just posted this..hopefully the mods will delete mine.


That is so damn annoying. I agree that the average person not involved in athletic training of any sort needs less, but to suggest that 65g of protein is sufficient is ridiculous. I guess I will take comfort in the fact that my breakfast contains roughly enough protein to keep me alive.


65g doesn't even produce nearly the amount of gas I need for the day to gross people out.


Heck my peri-workout nutrition has 60g of protein, plus 100+g of MAG-10 then not even counting the 60g PWO shake...

Man I must be killing myself


Take it easy man! Not only are you destroying your body and cutting years off your life, you are ruining the environment! Now, will you please hand me that bag of Doritos...my carbs are a little low right now.


"Guess how much protein is in a juicy, 8-ounce cheeseburger washed down with a milkshake? This single meal contains two to three times as much as most people need per day."

At MacDonald a double quarter powder with cheese (which I'm guessing is what the author means by 8-ounce cheeseburger) has 48 grams of protein and a 32 oz triple thick strawberry milk shack has 25 grams of protein. For a grand total of 73 grams of protein, only 8 more grams than "needed" nowhere near 2 to 3 times as much as "needed". Author can not do basic math ergo author is an idiot and article is void.


This article reminds me of a nutrition lecture I went to where the speaker talked about the dangers of eating more than one egg per day.(cholesterol) She also advocated pouring calcium fortified orange juice on your breakfast cereal to cut out that unneeded protein and get more vitamins.

Couldn't tell you what she talked bout after that, I left.


well, new to the forums so i think this is a great place to start!

I have a few clients who believe crap like this, they look thin so therefore they are healthy, until i do their biosig and show them how obese they are. good news is that these idiots will soon die from amino deficiencies freeing up space for the rest of us! haha


ok sure, whatever she says. It is already been said but, MORE MEAT FOR US!!!


That article was pure pro-vegan/vegetarian agenda if you ask me (seems like yahoo has been doing that a lot lately.)

Try working in a field (dietitan) where every fellow colleague believes what these types of articles preach as truth! I'll stick to my 1.5-2 gm/kg/d protein intake and keep my abs while they eat their 80% Carb diets and complain why they can't get rid of their love handles.


I read it as pro-vegan/vegetarian.

I mean who gives up a porter house for lentils? Ohh right- vegans


Well you would be right on my farts killing the environment. I choked out 5 people in a crowded office the other day, it was lovely.


I wonder what they would say to the fact I eat 6 eggs for breakfast each morning? Haha


From all those things that I've heard are unhealthy I would be dead right about now.