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No More Primoteston to Australia?

Yeah, they’re my options i guess. I’ve read about “Dr Z from Perth” the one with clinics in Sydney?

I’ve only just started my own TRT doses a couple of weeks ago. It would be good if someone knew a good Endo or Naturopath in Sydney. That doesn’t think you’re trying to win the next ‘Tour of France’. That you’re doing this because it’s effecting your quality of life drastically.

Cheers Ninja.

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Update Brisbane Compounding Pharmacy able to offer Test C. 250mg/ml - 9ml in syringes $125. Also offers hcg and my finally be on to a lead thanks @theninja

How do you PM? If you need gear off script. Delivered. I can give you a site?

I dont think you can PM on here.

I want to be and Alpha Beast :wink: once i sort my restart and get my shit figured out again

Someone is suggesting cruising and blasting. Not TRT lmao :wink: haha

Thats a side benefit once i get my shit sorted, i started trt last april was doing well until winter started drinking heaps with mates. Put on lots of weight became inconsistent with my trt.

Mad a decision to stop drinking, but that hasn’t helped the weight yet.

Have a read of my blog restart when you’re free. Its long and similar to your history Starting Again. Let’s Get It Right This Time. Input Valued

Phoaww that’s cool, good price. Might need to look into if the one here is to $$$.
So they can’t do it In a vial?

Cheers bra, will do.

You should never pay more then $100 for a bottle of oil like Test E bro.

Your solutions :wink: is a vial, they were pretty adamant about pre filled syringes.

You just get your doc to write a script if be 100mg x 2 per week. And thats what they’ll make up.

Hmmm I wonder why that is… not keen on preloaded syringes and them slowly degrading etc…

That’s the hard part haha

UGL true… But I think for TRT here legally will be hard to get a vial under $100

Sorry dont know what you mean.

The compoding pharmacy mentioned is 125$

What did you maen by ugl?

Was responding to @sa22c about the cost :grinning:
UGL- underground lab :grinning:

@theninja Ahhh didnt see that yea 250mg/ml $90 for 10ml

@theninja thats why im thinking of just going that path as long as bloods match pharma.

So much easier as you can have all the ancillaries as you need. And do you health right, not do what the government says

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No brands… this is from a compounding pharmacy.

Fair enough. How much is promiteston on script?

Pretty sure its approx $35ish for 3ml. I’ve never hard a script for it. Im sure another local could confirm

Waitwaitwaitwait, are you saying 10ml vials may become a reality in Australia? Awesome, there’s still a plethora of primoteston on the black market it’s expensive tho and I think the primoteston I got might be fake, there are subtle differences in the packaging.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha inside joke I got it hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha

I’m not switching to reandron so I guess it’s UGL for the timebeing. My new trt protocal will be trestolone acetate (just kidding, wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole) shit looks waaay too strong, cardiac complications would become kinda likely.