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No More Primoteston to Australia?

Just wondering if any other Australian TRT users are experiencing this problem? 3 pharmacies I went to for my Primoteston have said they are out of stock and not due to get any more any time soon. I know Australia doesnt recognize T deficiency as a real thing… apparently the only thing I could try switch to is Reandron which from my understanding is a sub optimal solution.

Australias entire health care system is so bad its almost criminal

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Found two Online pharmacies that will do it for you Brother!

Epharmacy is QUEENSLAND only no other state allowed

But chemistwarehouse delivers to any part of Australia within A.U

$33 Australian dollars only, 3 ampoules @ $10 aus dollar a ampoule is pretty good. all you need to do man is after registering an account on their website, then Physically mail your Doctor’s request to them & place your order you require depending on Repeats & be delivered direct to your house front door. You Welcome @tj1988

Cheers Danny. Chemist warehouse also says QLD only. Should I try it anyways? Im in WA

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Do you have any doctor in Queensland? But anyways if it’s a valid Prescription for Testosterone i don’t see them breaking any Law, it’s still in the same Country which is Australia lol. Yes you can register & give them a telephone call. i basically searched Online Pharmacy AU in google, and typed in Primoteston, maybe you might find out a better one too. Again u Welcome bro.

Hey Bud, unfortunately Reandron is also impacted aswell.

I went to see my endo, he said their is nothing he can do to help me. I then asked if he will support a pct. He said no.

I said ok well i have a legit ugl source ill get my test kr pct from there. He didnt exactly say yes, but he didnt say no.

It is criminal

@dannybrouk can you seriously got back to the rock you came from, stop hijacking posts spreading the wrong information.

Australia has exhausted our reserves of testosterone, the only reserves that are left are for the government. This means only the hospital, and Australian defense force has access to these reserves.

Just because chemist warehouse has it on their site doesnt mean its available.

@tj1988 when i found out, my pharmacist broke down all of my primotestion scripts in to single scripts to go shopping around. Then my GP swapped me over to Sustanon 250, i went back to pharmacy they only 1ml left. Called the distributor and they had only just received 8 x 1ml.

They didnt even make the shelves and my pharmacy ordered them. That was the last of that distributors stocks.

We are in trouble atm, the only way we can get through this is by finding a ugl or there are some compounding pharmacys looking at making Test C and E. $125 per 10ml i think the post said on here the other day.

I would check out local compounding pharmacies to see who they recommend. Ideally find one that compounds Test E or C. There is also Dr Z who has been mentioned here previously. I’m in Melbourne and that’s who I have seen. Also seeing another doc on Thursday that I was refered onto by the pharmacy

Yeah, they’re my options i guess. I’ve read about “Dr Z from Perth” the one with clinics in Sydney?

I’ve only just started my own TRT doses a couple of weeks ago. It would be good if someone knew a good Endo or Naturopath in Sydney. That doesn’t think you’re trying to win the next ‘Tour of France’. That you’re doing this because it’s effecting your quality of life drastically.

Cheers Ninja.

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Update Brisbane Compounding Pharmacy able to offer Test C. 250mg/ml - 9ml in syringes $125. Also offers hcg and my finally be on to a lead thanks @theninja

How do you PM? If you need gear off script. Delivered. I can give you a site?

I dont think you can PM on here.

I want to be and Alpha Beast :wink: once i sort my restart and get my shit figured out again

Someone is suggesting cruising and blasting. Not TRT lmao :wink: haha

Thats a side benefit once i get my shit sorted, i started trt last april was doing well until winter started drinking heaps with mates. Put on lots of weight became inconsistent with my trt.

Mad a decision to stop drinking, but that hasn’t helped the weight yet.

Have a read of my blog restart when you’re free. Its long and similar to your history Starting Again. Let’s Get It Right This Time. Input Valued

Phoaww that’s cool, good price. Might need to look into if the one here is to $$$.
So they can’t do it In a vial?

Cheers bra, will do.

You should never pay more then $100 for a bottle of oil like Test E bro.

Your solutions :wink: is a vial, they were pretty adamant about pre filled syringes.

You just get your doc to write a script if be 100mg x 2 per week. And thats what they’ll make up.

Hmmm I wonder why that is… not keen on preloaded syringes and them slowly degrading etc…

That’s the hard part haha

UGL true… But I think for TRT here legally will be hard to get a vial under $100

Sorry dont know what you mean.

The compoding pharmacy mentioned is 125$

What did you maen by ugl?