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No More Pituitary Tumour - Cease TRT?


I'm am not opposed to this at the end of the day. The question is how does someone come off androgens with out a big crash in particular emotionally.
She says cold turkey after 2 years of trt

I think or hope there is a more logical approach.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


To add to my post I am thinking of doing Dr. Micheal Scally’s power PCT to come off.
I think cold turkey will be brutal and very hard. I felt like crap prior to TRT. but with a Pituitary Micro Adenoma (7mm) it was likely throwing my HPTA off. Im excited to return to “normal” but at the same time I have had the best 2 years of my life on androgens.

Dr Scally’s PCT is as follows:

Days 1-20 HCG 2000Iu EOD
Days 1-30 Clomid 100mg ED
Days 1-45 nolva 20mg ED

I think Supporting supplements will be as Follows
Vitaman D <— already take
Vitamin E
Omega Fats <---- already take
Iodine for Thyroid


That PCT is beyond stupid. You will overload your LH receptors.

Look up Clomid Restart in this subforum.

But if I had to choose a PCT on the spot it would be along the lines of:

Run 250iu HCG for 4 weeks.
Then run Nolva at 20mg ED for 3 weeks.
Then Nolva again 20mg EOD for another 3 weeks.
All the while running appropriate dosage of Adex to keep E2 in low 20s, maybe even high teens.
Keep running low dose Adex after SERM for few weeks, tapering it off.

Retest a month later.


That is seriously and totally stupid and wrong. What useless bro-science.

The high levels of LH and HCG will create very high E2 production in your testes and that cannot be controlled with anastrozole. AND, the high LH_hCG levels can desensitize your testes and then what will then do with the LH levels you will have after PCT?

You need to be on whatever dose of anastrozole delivers E2=22pg/ml while on TRT
hCG 250iu SC EOD for a few months while you are on PCT. The idea is to recover form and function of your testes while you are still on TRT.
Then switch to 25mg Novadex EOD for 3-4 weeks while still on TRT.
Now you can taper off of TRT while still on Nolvadex.
After two weeks, start to taper off of Nolvadex.
Reduce anastrozole to 0.5mg/week in divided doses and cruise on that.
After two weeks, test TT, FT, E2, LH/FSH

You need a multi-vit that has selenium in it to work with iodine, very important.

What are your thyroid labs now and body temperatures.


I did the HCG for a month, Nolvadex for 2nd month routine and it worked great. I even took tests, If I remember on the HCG my TT was like 400, then about 650 after Nolvadex. Unfortunately for me, mine dropped back to low T levels after 3 more months.