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No More Paul


I've decided not to vote for Paul in the election. I'm instead writing in jeffdirect for president...not that I'm picking a fight or anything.



It's over.

Let's go back to talking about the West's pending economic and demographic collapse.

Edit: I'm changing my avatar.


If it comes out kind of like Mad Max, I'd be okay with that. The first one, that is, not that Thunderdome bullshit.


Yeah, he came in second place again! That bastard... who does he think he is!


Gentlemen. It's time to draft the Dobbs into this race. Only the Dobbs can beat the media darlings of the Republican Party.


If you are talking Church of the Subgenius Bob Dobbs, sure thing.



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Giulliani...he he he...ha ha he...


"German attitude, German performance give proof of Nordic racial heredity."

Subtle, NP. Very subtle.


Notice how Al Shades had to let us know he was changing his avatar.

Pleeeeeeeease ask me what it is! Pleeeeeeeeeease notice me!


Of course, if you get tired of subtlety, you can always use this one.


Perhaps it is because of his many personal accomplishments that he must evoke the fiction of race for his further validation.

"German attitude." Now at least we know where he got the whole "0,9 of a banana" thing.


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