No More Online Consultation?

Hello Coach,

I went to your site and I can not find the online consultation, you stopped doing it?

Thanks !

Our system sucked. People would buy it and would select a time in a schedule. The problem is that we couldn’t format the software so that people would have to give a 2-3 days advance notice. For example people could buy a consult on a Monday morning at 10am and select the same monday at noon for the consult. This didn’t work with my schedule, I need to plan things in advance.

So we can still do it, but you have to contact Jess directly at

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And I forgot to say it, I did your neurotype test :

How would you interpret that result ?

Easily 2A

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Sorry for hijacking the thread, but if you are looking for a software cie to fix your system don’t hesitate to contact me directly. My cie is specialised in building software for business. We are located not too far from you. You can ask Maud who is working with one of your partner for reference.

We would really enjoy working with you.