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No More Oily Top of Forehead After Increasing 30mg/week. Why?

I increased my 120mg a week to 150mg, doing 42mg EOD. I used to get an oily strip at the hairline and a 1/4 inch down on my forehead, the night after a pin. Would wipe it with a Kleenex and it was done, no big thing. But I don’t get a partly greasy forehead anymore. I thought it might be worse by increasing T and 30mg a week more is not an insignificant an increase. Why did it stop? Just curious as to what’s going on here, physiologically.

I too had the same thing happen. On 120-140mg a week of test cyp my forehead would be super oily. I’d have to get those oil absorption paper things.
But after moving up to 180mg a week, all oily skin has disappeared.
I too would like to know if anyone has any explanation. Cheers

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Interesting, masonite… we may be onto something. LOL
Hey, let’s see what else we have in common that may stand out. I have a low SHBG of 13-15.
(13-89 nmol/L))

How long ago did you make this change?

Sunday April 19th was my first pin at 42mg EOD.

Higher T, higher E. Win win

Yeah but… I thought higher E brought oily skin. LOL

That’s what I thought, your levels aren’t even stable yet and are in flux. I fully expect the oily skin to return once levels are stable again so don’t celebrate just yet.

Nope. Nicer skin, and joints. People love to blame E for everything.

Testosterone/DHT is the likely culprit for oily skin.

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Yeah and why I was really surprised all that EXTRA T didn’t result in even more oily forehead in first 14 days. I got nothing! LOL Guess it takes many weeks but hopefully it doesn’t come back.

T aromatases in to E. So more T equals more E. You have a nice balance. Change it up and you will have changes. Broad picture should be how you look at this, and not just one thing.