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No More Mr. Nice Guy


I graduated in 2007 and have held a handful of jobs since then. I've ran into the occasional prick, the occasional know-it-all and even the occasional nice person.

It has always been my way of thinking that I am to be 100% professional at every instance no matter how extreme and to always be nice and courteous.

Well, fuck that. I'm 27 and know a fair amount about the work I do. I finally snapped and gave the response I wanted to say to an asshole architect that was trying to make me feel like an idiot. It's his fault he didn't read my full statement and comprehend it, why the fuck should I sit back and take insults.

I'm at the point where I can fully defend my position and I'm sick of being the nice young enigneer. Fuck it.

/rant (thanks TNation)


Good job, man.

It's a nice feeling.


Once you check once, twice and three times that you're in the right, and you've been polite about it three times also, then yeah...go to school on ignorant motherfuckers.



beat me too it, saw him last summer


My dear old mom called me a while back and said the same thing. She was at Home Depot, it was busy, and she was waiting for this person to finish unloading their cart so she could pull into the parking spot next to them. Well, when the person finished unloading they just pushed their cart into the vacant parking spot and proceeded to get in their car. Well my mom decided to just park behind this person until they got back out of their car and moved the cart.

This is "no more mister nice guy" on a small scale. But hell, my mom is in her 60's and is the nicest lady I know. It's nice to hear about her, or anyone, standing up for themselves.


You can still be 100% professional and assertive that is what comes with time and experience. You know when to "lay the wood" to people but you can do it in a manner that they walk away humbled and they STFU. Something I learned cause I deal with what your are dealing with every day when you scream and yell nobody will listen to what you have to say. Be the quite but dead fucking serious type and people will shut up.


Wow I was expecting to come back to this thread with my fire retardant suit on.

T-Nation you surprised me.

I actually had lunch with a bunch of people yesterday and sat right next to the architect I was being assertive (DJHT's word haha) with, and he was quite nice to me. A week later as well, so I think he realized I'm not a push over.

Plus it was the first time meeting in person, so he can probably see I'm no push over in either the professional sense nor the physical sense.

@Chip, that's awesome that you mom would pull a move like that. Tell her next time to wait for the car to pull 1/2 way out and ram it if she want's to 'up the ante' a bit. haha

@nards, fucking right. it's an art to be able to cultivate the appropriate response that says "i'm professional"


^I don't know, you look like a pushover to me ...


Good on you for sticking up for yourself ... I learned to do that while I was in the military when a supervisor of mine tried to throw me under the bus for his direct fuck up ... I wasn't having that shit.

Him and I stayed friends though.

Good stuff,