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No more Motivation to train

Have you ever been tired of working out? For some reason I have no motivation to work out anymore  I use to hit the weights hard and several days per week in addition to cardio to keep in shape, now I can barely get myself to go running or go to the gym. I run about three times per week (less than a 1.5 per session) and have no motivation to go to the gym. My diet is suffering too. I use to make all kinds of sacrifices but can’t do it anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong!! I barely want to check out t-mag articles anymore too. I’m 28yr old and I have been working out and making all kinds of sacrifices for years. I’ve been slack since June. Has anyone ever been through this? What did you do?

Damn, I had written you a novel but I accidentally opened a link in this window. Anyways…

What I had said was that I’m also 28 and had the same breakdown in motivation at the beginning of the summer do to lack of progress [read: NO progress in years]. Actually that isnt completely true, I would make progress and lose it quickly afterwards because I was always TOO willing to try the ‘latest and greatest training/diet’ published.

What I did to get back on course was to read an article by Christian Thibaudeau entitiled “I’ve gained 20 lbs. of ROCK HARD MUSCLE in just two months…” [posted somewhere on the net] and the motivational articles by Stuart McRobert [although I dont particularly recommend his training routines].

The take home message is that your bodybuilding progress will only become satisfying when you learn to sacrifice just enough to obtain them and not more then needed. The body could only grow at a predetermined pace, discover that pace, and nurture it accordingly, that way you’ll have a higher ‘input to output’ ratio and will become satisfied with your progress once more. Remember, dont sweat the small stuff and dont overanalyse.

Good luck

Yes, I’ve been in your exact shoes and I’m in the middle of writing an article about this very topic. Email me at norcrossjason@aol.com and I can give you a little preview of some of the main points.

I been through it.

What I suggest is:

DONT TRAIN. Pick up another hobby/sport.

If you are happy, than go on. If you hate yourself shrinking - start liftin’ weights again.


Hate to say it, but as you get older you need to train less. Sounds to me like maybe you were doing things a little too hard. Try using an easier routine for a while, and cut back (intentionally) on the cardio. Make the necessary diet modifications so that you don’t get fat. Get a new hobby for a little while and concentrate on that. When your body’s recovered you’ll find the motivation to get back into the gym.

With all the amazing programs presented via this site, I don’t see myself -ever- getting burnt out. Gym rat, I guess…

Sounds like you need to find some hobbies OTHER than training/working out. That is, if you don’t have any other interests. In the past, when I submersed myself with all things training and it’s associated topics (nutrition, etc), I would get burnt out - FAST.

Luckily, I do have other abilities that are not limited to training - so I surround myself with my other interests. You know, a "well rounded lifestyle."

I suggest you take a break, look for other hobbies - try other sports, for instance. Rock climbing, MA, cycling, mountain biking, or even skateboarding? Snorkeling? Reading? Write a book? I don't know - get creative.

Get something new to do. For me, working out is an escape from the ‘refinement’ of being a musician and a student. I find it interesting because its not something that anyone else around me has a clue on… yes thats self righteous.
Another approach is to just say “fuck it” and try something new… maybe a new goal? What type of time considerations are you under with your lifestyle?
I know some people think weight training/working out should be mandated (and it probably should for at least 64% of america) but you could just stop for a while or pursue a different vein of athleticism. learning a new skill like climbing or MA wouldn’t make you out of condition.
Personally, I’d quit the running and maybe try a different diet and perhaps get on an entirely different lifting scheme. Hell, I’d just eat like a madman until i couldn’t stand it anymore for a while. just for kicks. afterall, if you’ve been doing this for several years and read t-mag, chances are you could turn it into a beneficial activity :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice everybody. I think I will take a break from the diet and gym. I think I will start to ride the Mt Bike more and keep myself flexible by stretching out more. Maybe throw in some pullups/pushups and other activities.

Thank You for your advice.

Well, just my two cents. If you find that you’re not making progress, then, yes, it kinda sucks going to the gym day in and day out. But, if you make regular gains then the motivation will never leave you. Now, I don’t know what your opinion of anabolics are, but they seem, for me at least, to keep the gains coming. When you walk out of the gym so pumped that you can hardly move your arms and your PR’s consistantly improve, then you will really want to keep going to the gym. If you haven’t already, consider trying different things - legal or, if you so choose, illegal.

 Two words buddy : testosterone deficiency. Thats right. I will bet you Ur testosterone levels are rock bottom. Heck they're lower than rock bottom. Ill bet I can pick a radnom girl off the street and she'll have higher T levels than you do! Do you need to get laid? Real men act like real men. I dont think ull see arnold go 'god dang, i aint feel'n like work'n out today! I think im gonna pussy out for the next couple weeks.  Ill even pussy out for a few months - heck i think i might quit working out all together, lazy as i am today. I think 'm gon'buy me a pink skirt wit one of them there dang prertty pink laces' 
 Get over it. No one's gonna do shit for you. Am i being harsh? you bet I am. Am i being real? YES! I AM! If u have to, get some T-boosters. get a good andro supplement, like mag-10. Get ZMA, which will also boost ur T levels a lot. sleep at least 8 hours. Watch some porn ( yeah yeah there goes the politically correct thing out the window). it comes down to this - either ur a tough man, or ur a pussy. u choose where u fit, not me, not anyone else. Stop crying now.