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No more magnus

Hate to be downer, but just needed to vent somewhere. I had to put my big male pitbull (the real Magnus) down three days ago. He had been obsessive compulsive since he was four months old and the symptoms were getting worse. We did all sorts of behavioural modification with him and pharmaceutical intervention. For the last four and a half years he has done fairly well. Over the last 3 months though he had gone steadily down hill. Basically he just wasn’t here anymore. He was only happy when obsessing over an object or playing fetch. Other than that he was very distressed and anxious. He had also become aggressive with our other dogs. He would attack one of our other dogs with no provication and no warning. I’ve had to break up four fights in the last two weeks, which is no fun. I didn’t want to put him down and I still feel quite guilty about it. However, I also know that to keep him with me would have been selfish as he was not happy. It was just so difficult as he was physically so healthy. He was my running partner and my best friend and I can’t believe how much I miss him. I loved him like a child. I stayed with him while the vet put him down and it almost killed me. Watching the life drain out of him while I held him in my arms is something I don’t ever think I will be able to get out of my mind, but I could’nt let him go to his death alone. I buried him in the back yard, but seeing his burial spot each morning is very hard. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time and had a so so work out. I’m just not feeling much like a high-T guy right now. I also went for a run with one of my other dogs. It felt good to get the fresh air, but it was difficult without Magnus. I’m still debating on weather I should change my “posting” name or not. Ayhow, again I apologize for the negative post, just needed to get it out.

Damn. I’m sorry to hear about Magnus. It sounds like he was a great companion. Don’t change your name though. Sorry if this sounds corny but I think you should keep it to honor him. Keep your head up.

My sincere condolensces to you. I say, in memory of your dear friend, keep your forum name.

Take care, Patricia.

Magnus – we all mourn with you. I’ve done as you – held a loved pet while it was injected. Hard to do. Harder not to do. But as with all life, death is a part of it. And so, as with every one I’ve known who has died, I remember (as I myself want to be remembered) not how they died, but how they lived. Magnus was not his disease. Magnus was not an injection. Magnus was a devoted friend and companion, probably more devoted than any family member, and certainly more non-judgemental. Talk about unconditional love…

Any way, remember the good times. And take the time to mourn properly.

You did the right thing, bud. You cared enough to do what was right, so try to take solice in that. I’m sorry you lost your friend.

That sucks. I have had five dogs in my 34 years, and all but one has died prematurely (and not by any fault of mine), so I know its rough, but you got to move on.Wish I was there to buy you a beer.

Oh man, you must be going through hell. I wish I could say something to make you feel better. I just hope the next couple of months aren’t too bad. Maybe you can just throw yourself into your training and that might help you get through it.

To those who responded, thanks very much for the kind condolences. Each day gets a little better and having the privledge of sharing my life with the dogs I still have makes life good. To Ko: If I’m ever in Portland I will definately take you up on that beer. To brider: thanks for those simple words of wisdom.

You should feel bad, you just killed a perfectly healthy dog so you wouldn’t have to put in the extra effort necessary to take care of his special requirements. Change your screen name to ‘DOG MURDERER’.

I used those exact same words describing how I put down my Rotty mix. My rotty had some major behavoiral problems even after intensive training modifications. He still tried to eat children and such without warning. No growl or bark just attacked. He started exhibiting signs at 4 months continued till I put him down. I held him as the light faded from his eyes. I would take a hundred more divorces over having to do that again. Brider is right make sure you morn properly. I now work for a lost dog rescue and my love for dogs is still really strong. You took responsibility for your dog that is true strenght. You did what you had to do as painful as it was. Your dog knows nothing bad he only knew the good life. You were there for him through the end that is more than you can ask. Good luck. He is at peace. YOu will take longer to get there but you will be too one day.

Man, I’m really having a hard time deciding whether you’re lower than Jason R Baran. So, does your kicking Magnus when he’s down make you feel any better? Take a hike.

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Magnus, please dont even dignify this dick's comment with a response.

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Yeah, well what would you say if some father ‘put down’ his 9 year old daughter because she had OCD or BD and he was no longer willing to accomodate her? You have a double standard, guys.

Think of it this way. Whats more dangerous, a nine year old girl with a behavioural disorder or a full grown pitbull with a behavioural disorder? The dog eventually may have gone after people as his disorder progressed. Not a double standard at all.

Magnus rescues and rehabilitates “problem dogs”, so for you to say that he did not want to make the extra effort to take care of his own dog is completely wrong, and uncalled for. This dog was not “healthy”, and for Magnus to put his own dog down, means that things were getting really bad.

Ko’s right, I should’nt even dignify your comments with a response, but I’m going to anyway. Your analogy of the 9 year old girl is ridiculous but I’ll play along, jerkoff. No I would’nt put down a 9 year old daughter with a mental disability, if I had one. But let’s say you also had 3 other young children. And let’s say the troubled one walked around with a hunting knife in her hand 24 hrs. a day and at any time would attack any one of the other children without provocation or warning. She did’nt want to attack her siblings and in fact loved them all deeply, but due to some mental glitch she was compelled to due so. Let’s also say she had attacked all of them within the last year with four incidents alone in the last two weeks. Each attack had caused serious injury to your other children and it was only a matter of time before one of them was killed. You had already exhausted every known treatment to correct this behaviour and while you want nothing more than to find an answer, your other children’s lives are increasingly at risk with each passing day. What would you do now fuck face? Would you put her in a cage in the middle of the living room. Maybe give her to some other family to deal with. No, you would do the responsible thing and find a home for her at a nice institution where she would be safe and your children would be safe from her. Well those places don’t exist for dogs asshole. And even if they did I would’nt have sent him to one as every day of his life was increasingly miserable, stressed and mentally disconnected from everyone. You have no idea of the time and money we have put into Magnus over the last four years trying to correct his problems. Several vet friends had advised us to put him down long ago. I could go into great detail explaining to you all the things we did, but to be honest it’s not something I would ever care to share with a low life like you. I’ve already spent far more time responding to you than you deserve. On your way back under your rock now.

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Thats a real chocker. You did the right thing putting him down beacuse his condition may have got worse which would have been more painful to see. Just try to remember the good old times you had and keep the name.

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