No More Jared

Alright. Most of you clowns can’t seem to understand that my name is not Jared.


My goodness. I’ve been called Jared 4,842 times. It’s getting ridiculous.

You may call me Justin. Pleased to meet you.


I saw the thread title and was hoping we were finally rid of that bastard from Subway :wink:

I like not Jared better.

Hey, the T-mag community will always refer you to as JARED the subway guy hehehe :wink: JK.

I was going to send you a PM asking, “So is your name Jared, or what?”, but then I decided to change my ways and not be an ass this time.


It’s about fucking time!!! Sorry had to get you again before we make this official. Nice to meet you too. :slight_smile:

Arcane-Not Jared either-Cocaine

Hey Jare- … uhhh, Justin. :wink:

So, you did this why? :wink:

Nice try, you will allways be Jared to us dude.

So, Jared… (sorry, I had to)

Hey Jared,

Good luck!

Ok, so like 8000 to 1 likes this better. Thunder is the only dissenter. Boo on you, StormCloud.

This is like being in grade 5 and wearing a shirt that says “my mom says not to beat me up”. :wink:

Has jared ever called you jared?

Naaaah, Jared hasn’t ever called me Jared. He’s known my name for a long time, which is JUSTIN (for those who still haven’t gotten it). It was funny at first, but then someone would respond to my post, but call me Jared when Jared NFS responded in the same thread. I was getting confused a few times, so now all is settled.

So it was Justin who lost all that weight by eating Subway.

I take no responsibility for starting the nickname “Subway Justin”.


Jared who?

Nice to meet you too Jared. You’re not related to that Subway Justin guy are you?

Avoids Roids: LOL!