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No More HCG - What Real Alternatives are There?

So I’ve been on TRT for about four years now with great results. I’m not doing it to get big, mind you, but as a type 1 diabetic, my T before TRT was around 400.

I’ve been taking 45 units of T twice a week sub-cutaneously, as well as HCG twice a week sub-Q. Now my doctor has notified me that HCG isn’t available from compounding pharmacies any more and that he’ll try to switch me to Gonadorelin.

Gonadorelin is crap and doesn’t do anything that HCG does, and I sure don’t want to inject 6 times a day.

Any advice? I like my boys and I want them to keep working properly. I don’t want to have to quite T because there is no HCG, but I don’t want my boys to shrivel up and die either.


Holy shit, someone actually named a medication “Gonadorelin” and doctors just went with it…
sorry man, I don’t have an answer for your question but I hope you find out!

You’re in a bit of a pickle until something else comes around.

get it from a regular pharmacy. it’s still readily available

It is not available from some compounding pharmacies. However, it is still available.

I know it is technically available - I’m concerned about the price. Will insurance cover it? Sorry, can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month just on HCG…

Well then you answered your own question lol. As far as price, my ins didn’t cover it. $120 with a good Rx coupon at CVS, lasted me 60 days

Ooof. Understood. $120 / 60 days is doable, I think.


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Still available through some compounding pharmacies, an alternative is Pregnyl,HCG, Novarel.

If your clinic is not making HCG available to you anymore it’s because they care more about your money than your health. Full stop. Any doctor in the US can write you a prescription and you can walk into a pharmacy and pick it up. So now ask yourself why your doctor is standing between you and the pharmacy and is diverting you to a different medication. Revenue channels run through compound pharmacies. Doctor isn’t getting any extra juice by simply writing a prescription. That boat isn’t going to pay for itself.


@iron_yuppie They are more than happy to write me a prescription for HCG, where did you read that I couldn’t get a prescription? The question is simply “can I afford it?” If insurance doesn’t cover it, and I can’t find a good discount, I may be priced out…

It’s like $100-110 for 10,000iu. That’s 80 days worth on an optimal protocol. Seems pretty affordable.

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My pharmacy has two types, one listed for $280 for 10k iu, one for $330 for the same amount. That’s why I’m looking for coupons…

Is that through GoodRX? I know there are regional price differences but you’re seeing prices that are 2.5-3x mine. That’s wild.

There’s also the option to skip the pharmacy and go direct to an overseas vendor. That’s how I’ve been getting HCG for years now. Much cheaper.