No More HCG Available?

I have been following the KSman protocol for a couple of years and everything as been going well. Then I go to get a refill of hCG and am told by the compounding pharmacy that they are no longer allowed to compound hCG.

I call my doc’s office and they tell me that the FDA put a halt to compounding hCG. I would have to purchase the manufactured version. Typically insurance will not pay for it and its about $300 cash (vs. the $35 I have been paying).

Anyone else run into the same thing? How are most people getting hCG?

I am aware of the issue. They cannot simple sell an hCG only product because it is available from big pharma. Many compounding pharmacies make hCG+B-12 available and doctors are writing Rx for that.

What pharmacy was it?

I hope there has been some mistake. After a couple of visits, I finally got a young, open-minded urologist to write me a script for HCG and I was going to have it filled tomorrow at Empower Pharmacy.

No way I’ll be able to go back now and tell him to rewrite the script to account for this change…

Contact compounding pharmacies in your area and talk to them.
Script might then need to be changed and doc would need to get the info to do that.

PH413, what pharmacy are you using? Empower received my script (I overnighted it) and they called me today. I asked about this and they were clueless as to what I was talking about. They said they have no such restriction and are still compounding HCG. I will get my script by Thursday…

@Maneframe150 - Thanks. I was getting it though a local compounding pharmacy. I called Empower and they will provide it. They would not quote price without an Rx, but the rep did tell me it would be almost double what I was paying locally.

I am going to try the hCG + B12 approach locally to see if that is a better option.

I’m not sure why the local compounding pharmacy would be different than Empower. Two local compounding pharmacies here said they were prohibited by the FDA. Maybe its all in the interpretation of new ruling - who knows.

What would an appropriate/acceptable B-12 dose be? For example, if compounding a 5000iu bottle of HCG, how many iu’s or what amount of B-12 do you suggest for that amount of HCG? I’ve called quite a few compounding pharma’s here in the inland empire (so. cal) area and having trouble finding anybody that will compound the HCG (injectable)…

Pregnyl hCG was unavailable to purchase for over a year but recently became available again in Canada at the usual $99/10,000units. Must be the only thing that sells for less here.